How to Get Old Gum Out of Carpets in Valley Center, CA, Best Solvent for Removing Gum

There are some stains and spots that can end up on the carpet that can be difficult to get off. It is always a good idea to know the best way to treat specific kinds of spills. The difficult thing is that you may need to use heat on some while cold water is the way to go with other. The majority of spills should be cleaned and treated the minute that you see them or they occur. There are others that you want to leave alone and allow to dry before you do anything. This is why it is important to know what you need to do for some of the hardest to clean spots and stains. Gum can be difficult to clean off but there are some tips on what you can do. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning lists methods you can use to get gum out of your carpets.

Use to Remove Gum from Carpet

The first method that you can try to get the gum off your carpet can be done with the items in your house. You want to get a baggie that you can close like a Ziploc and put a few ice cubes in. Then you want to set the bag on the gum before you do anything else to it. The ice will work to freeze the gum and cause it to become hard so that you can get it off the carpet. The harder the gum the easier it will be to remove it without it stretching out any further. You want to pick the pieces off and remove it with scissors if you can. You need to use caution when doing this so that you don’t cause any damage to the carpet fibers. You can replace the ice cubes and start again if you need to refreeze the area. This can be a great way to clean the gum off of your carpet and not cause it to spread.

Get Gum Out of Carpet with Heat

The other option that you have is the exact opposite the using ice cubes. You can use heat to warm up the area and give you the option to pull it up lose. You can use a blow dryer to warm the area but be careful to not over heat it and not damage the carpet. Once the gum has been heated up you can use a knife to pull the gum from the carpet. Be careful to not allow the gum to spread out any further. You need to have a paper towel close by to place the gum in as you pull it up. If you use this method you want to follow up with cleaning the area after. You can use water and soap to dab at the spot.

How to Get Gum Out of Carpet with Peanut Butter

Lastly you can use oil to treat the gum. You want to be careful so that the oil does not cause a secondary stain. The best oily substance to use is peanut butter which is what most moms know to use when you have gum in a child’s hair. The peanut butter can be rubbed in the gum and it will cause it to break down. You can then use a cloth to pick up the peanut butter and the gum in the same process. Then you need to clean the spot after all the gum has been removed.

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