How to Deep Clean a Dirty Mattress in La Jolla, CA to Remove Sweat Stains, Dead Skin Buildup & More

If someone asked you to give them a list of five things they use every single day, what would you say? Coffee makers, cars, make-up, cell phones, computers, toothbrushes, clothes, shoes, and more are all frequent items that people list if they are asked this question. One item that people forget to mention is their mattress. Even though we do not always remember them, mattresses are an important part of our daily routine. Since mattresses can be so easy to forget about until we are ready to lay down our heads to sleep at night they frequently get missed in our cleaning routine. If you do not clean your mattress on a regular basis it will accumulate all sorts of disgusting things on it. Today Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is going to talk about some of the nasty things that are probably piling up on your mattress as your read this article.

Yellow Sweat Stains on Mattress

Every single your day produces sweat. Studies report that humans produce up to 26 gallons of sweat while you are sleeping each and every year. If you share your bed with someone else you could have up to 52 gallons of sweat produced on your mattress every 365 days. Combine this sweat with your body heat and you have the perfect environment for fungi and bacteria to grow. No one wants fungi and bacteria growing in their bed!

Dead Skin Buildup in Mattress

In addition to producing sweat each and every day, your body sheds skin cells each and every day. It is estimated that your body sheds about 500 million skin cell per day. As you are sleeping these skin cells slough off of your body and onto your mattress. Microbes on your mattress use these dead skins cells as their source of nutrition.

Toxic Chemicals in Mattress

There are many different types of chemicals that may have found their way onto your mattress. Your mattress, sheets, comforters, and pillows all have chemicals on them. These chemicals can be harmful to your health.

Food & Drink Spills on Mattress

Some homes have a firm no eating in bed policy. If your house has this rule then you will not have food on your mattress. Millions of Americans do not have this rule though. When you eat in bed you are bound to have crumbs and spills that find their way from your plate onto your mattress.

Cosmetics on Mattress

Every person has their own unique skin and hair care regime. All of the different hair care products, lotions, creams, and makeup products that you use will find a way onto your mattress. These products will sink into your mattress until you clean them off.

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So if you have all of these items on your mattress what on earth do you do about it? Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has a few suggestions for you today. First you will want to make sure that you wash your sheets frequently. Then you want to add vacuuming your mattress to your chore list. Vacuuming does not need to happen on a weekly basis but you will want to do it every month or so. Our last tip is to make sure that you have Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning come out and clean your mattress. We have high-end products and equipment that are only available to professionals that we come out and use to thoroughly clean your mattress. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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