Carpet Cleaning Hacks in San Diego, CA; Freezing Gum, Blotting Stains, Treating Beer Spills & More

The time will eventually come where you might have to deal with a stain, even those that diligently keep up with their carpet cleaning at home. Causing serious issues for the carpets over time, the dirt being tracked in from outside, the accidents, spills, and pet accidents can impact carpets. To keep your carpets in optimal condition, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share a small handful of carpet cleaning hacks since many people have different tactical approaches.

Freezing Gum Stuck on Carpet

One of the most effective methods for removing chewing gum, is to essentially freeze-dry it, should you discover chewing gum that’s been pressed into the carpet fibers. Use a spoon to lift up the piece of gum and cut the strands as close as possible after you set a few ice cubes on top of the gum for a few minutes. In the event any gum is left behind for you to continue working on, you can keep refreezing as needed.

Remove Beer or Wine Stains from Carpet with Soda

An efficient method for eliminating stains is with white soda and stains derived from beer or wine, and other substances. With white soda soaked into a towel or cloth soaked, start blotting at the affected area. You can mix the soda with water and white vinegar in the event you require something tougher. Apply the solution directly to the area before soaking it up with a sponge and let it soak into the fibers for about 15 minutes. Until the stain is lifted, repeat the steps as required.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Blood Stains from Carpet

Using some hydrogen peroxide to clean a tougher stain in event you have a stain that is a result of blood. Loosen up the blood in the affected area, you need to first try the use of a mixture of mild soap and water. Prior to applying the hydrogen peroxide to the stain, you have loosened the blood you can then scrape it away from the carpet as much as possible. After it comes into contact with blood, you can expect the solution to foam. After the bubbling stops, about 20 seconds, blot with a damp cloth and dry.

Blot Carpet Stains

When cleaning carpets, many attempts to rub the stain away, homeowner commonly make a big mistake while treating spots and stains. From the friction and stress of the rubbing motion, the stain is worn down deeper into the carpet fibers and potentially damages. More effective method of cleaning up a stain, blotting is a better, ultimately. With a bit of cleaning solution mixture, utilize a clean cloth and/or paper towel. Place a small amount of pressure on the area, as opposed to rubbing it away, focus on soaking up the stain. To help prevent the stain from spreading always blot from the outside.

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Be sure to have your carpets professionally cleaned annually, or if you are having a problem removing a stubborn stain. When you need the assistance of a specialist, call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let our qualified technicians take care of your carpets. With quality services, we are readily available to supply our valued clients.

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