Homemade Carpet Deodorizer to Neutralize Smelly Odors & Freshen Carpets in Coronado, CA

After the exhausting holidays are completed, homeowners may notice the carpets’ state. Following the holiday rush, odors often develop from the extra foot traffic, and excessive activities. There are a few techniques that can help improve the carpet’s freshness and today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share them to help you restore the freshness of the carpeting in your home.

Technique 1 – Baking Soda with/without Lavender Essential Oil Carpet Deodorizer Treatment

1) Essential oils help improve the fragrance in your home and the baking soda refreshes. Take ½ cup of baking soda and combine about 30 drops of lavender, or your favorite scent.
2) To effectively allow the baking soda to absorb the odor molecules, fill the baking soda in a spices container or parmesan cheese container can do in a pinch, or a mason jar with slotted or manually punctured holes in the lid.
3) Leave the baking soda out for at least 24 hours so it has time to absorb the odors. Once the 24 hours is over, use the baking soda, with or without your essential oil addition, and sprinkle generously over the carpet’s surface.
4) To make certain to vacuum thoroughly, slowly and methodically, overlap the lanes across the length and width of the carpet. Within the molecules in the air during the ventilation period, the baking soda will neutralize the odor molecules. The lavender oil preserves the carpets freshness for longer, where the carpets can have the extra freshness as well.

Technique 2 – Does Vinegar Kill Odors in Carpet?

1) Use white, distilled vinegar to freshen carpet by filling a clean empty spray bottle.
2) Though most are put off the by the strong smell of vinegar, as it dries, the smell dissipates. The source of any odors that can be produced by most germs and bacteria, the vinegar eliminates the odors and the unattractive smell will leave behind freshness as the vinegar eliminates.
3) Repeat the steps should any smells persist as needed and be sure to avoid oversaturation.

Carpet Freshener Ideas

1) Vacuum Maintenance. Vacuum daily or at as often as possible to lift the dirt and odor-causing debris.
2) Essential Oils Diffuser. There are many people who already turn to the advantages of essential oils and with the added benefit of making your home smell incredible.
3) Citrus Peeling Boils. Feed the citrus peels in the garbage disposal after boiling the citrus peeling to help eliminate a lot of odors that buildup in that garbage disposal. From the garbage disposals that odors impact the overall freshness, this step helps eliminate a lot of the odors.
Professional Carpet Cleaning: To defeat odors, in addition to removing any the eyesores, such as stains, spots, and the buildup of debris beneath the surface, expert carpet cleaning can be useful. To dramatically improve the freshness of your carpets, ultimately, professional carpet cleaning is the best solution.

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