How to Clean & Remove Sticky & Old Spilled Coca Cola & Red Soda Stains in Poway, CA

Sodas seem to always make it out of the kitchen and into your living room. Whether you are hosting a party, or a family member grabs a soda to sip on while they watch their favorite movie, the beverage ends up in the worst of places. There are a number of scenarios for soda pop spills. When this happens, they leave behind a nasty stain which quickly becomes an eyesore. To help restore your once perfectly cleaned carpet, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share how to remove soda stains from out of your carpet.

Remove Excess Water & Liquid from Carpet

When any liquids spills on carpet, even just water, your very first response should be to get a paper towel or dry cloth and press down on the spill. Water left in carpet can create a moldy spot. Soda and other colored liquids will stain carpets and can also cause mold development. When soda spills on your carpet, begin blotting or pressing gently down on the spill. This should help absorb as much of the soda as possible. Never scrub at a stain during any stage of cleaning or removing stains, including soda. You can use a manufactured carpet stain remover cleaning solution or create your own. Follow the manufactures directions and apply the cleaner. If you don’t have a carpet cleaner on standby, create your own using one cup of lukewarm water with ¼ teaspoon of gentle non-bleach detergent and mix them together into a cleaning bucket or bowl. Another homemade cleaner you can also use is white vinegar and water. Use a 1 to 2 ratio and mix them together. Both work great on soda stains. Use whichever one you prefer or what you have available.

Homemade or Store Bought Carpet Cleaning Solution

With your cleaner either homemade or manufactured, apply it to the carpet. If you’ve made your own cleaner, dip a clean cloth into the mixture and begin blotting at the soda stain. When cleaning stains start on the outside of the stain and work your way into the center to help prevent the stain from spreading. You may need to soak the cloth a bit as you blot at the stain to help saturate the stain with the cleaner. Let the cleaner set on the stain for 15 minutes to help dissolve the stain. After letting the cleaning solution soak into the stain for the needed time, use a dry cloth and press down on the carpet so it will absorb the moisture out of the carpet. Next step is to rinse the cleaner out of the carpet. Simply use water and dampen the cloth. Blot the affected areas to rinse the carpet of any remaining cleaners. Once again use a dry thick cloth and place it over the soaked carpet and place a heavy item on top of it. Let the weight do the work for you. After a few minutes remove the cloth that should be damp with the moisture. Let your carpet finish drying on its own and then vacuum the area to help restore your carpet’s pile.

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