How to Clean & Remove Red Kool Aid Stains from Carpet in San Diego, CA; Soak Up Spill & Apply Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Yes, it just happened – the one thing you worked so hard to avoid. That glass of red Kool Aid just spilled all over your carpet. Now what should you do? Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning knows that red Kool Aid is a nightmare to get out of carpets. The various flavors that red Kool Aid comes in, is a strong dye that can stain your carpet very quickly. You must take action fast.

Soak Up the Carpet Spill

When a spill first occurs, grab a paper towel and gently blot up as much of the Kool Aid as possible. If you have a wet vacuum or even a shop vac, use it to suck up as much of the Kool Aid as you can. This doesn’t remove the stain, it just prevents it from becoming a bigger mess.

Now that the Kool Aid Has Been Soaked Up, Follow these Steps to Remove the Stain

Step 1. Using 2 cups of warm water, mix either 1/4 teaspoon of dish soap or 2 cups of ammonia. Both have the same effectiveness.
Step 2. Carefully dampen the stain with your home made solution. Do not over soak the carpet or you can spread the stain. You can use either a spray bottle or a cloth to softly blot the solution on the carpet.
Step 3. Lay a white towel over the stain (don’t use a colored towel in this next step or you can make the color of your towel bleed into the carpet creating another stain). After laying the towel down, use a clothing iron on low heat. The heat will break down the dye’s bond. Gently press the iron down on top the towel. Don’t press too hard with the iron or you can burn your carpet. Wait for one to two minutes. You should see the red dye start to lift into the towel. Rearrange the unstained parts of the towel around the Kool Aid stain until lifted. You may need to use more then one towel to fully lift the stain.
Step 4. When no more color is coming out, use a dry rag and briskly rub the carpet to make it soft and fluffy. Vacuum the entire area and stay off the damped area.
This is an effective method to remove red Kool Aid from carpet and other upholsteries. However you may need to repeat the process more then once to remove the stain completely.

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This has been a reliable method that not only can be used on red Kool Aid stains but has also been effective on other food and beverages from accidental spills. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has a few additional tricks you may want to try. Use club soda as a solution. It also helps break down the bonds in red dyes. Again blot the club soda gently to avoid having the stain run. When a stain first occurs you can pour salt over the spill. This will absorb the liquid. Then vacuum the area before removing the stain. Use heavy carpet cleaners as a last resort. Many of your store brands don’t work on the red dyes for they fail to break up the dye’s bond. If you don’t feel comfortable trying to remove the stains yourself or you have stubborn stains; call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning for expert carpet cleaning and stain removal!

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