Common DIY Carpet Cleaning Mistakes in Chula Vista, CA; Damage from Inferior Water Extraction

If you have carpets in your home you need to constantly be cleaning them to ensure they stay looking their very best. The carpet needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis as well as cleaned professionally. If you think you will save yourself some money and do the job yourself you will end up with much bigger problems to contend with. Some of the mistakes that are made when you go about cleaning your carpets can seriously damage your carpets and leave you needing to replace them sooner. The better way to have your carpets cleaned is to have a professional do it for you.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Of The Most Common Mistakes Made When People Try & Clean Their Own Carpets.

Carpet Is Left Wet: One thing that many people hate when they choose to clean their own carpets is that when they think they are done the carpets are still really wet. The rented machine that is available to you claims to be a professional level cleaner but it is not. The machine lets out too much water at one time while not having near enough suction to remove the moisture after the fact. The carpets are left wet and that makes it impossible to walk on the floors and also to move your furniture back in the room. This can be a real issue and can make it hard to live your life normally until it dries. The drying process if it is not done with the machinery can take several days. Keep in mind that mold can develop after 48 hours!
Grimy Feeling Carpets: Another problem with trying to clean your own carpets is that the machine is going to use water as well as a cleaner to soak the carpet fibers and that will be the part of the process that will clean the carpet itself. The issue is that if the amount of cleaner that is used is not dispensed correctly it can be left on the carpet to settle in. This makes the carpet feel grimy and thick instead of that nice clean, soft feeling that you were hoping for. A professional carpet cleaner is able to clean the carpets and also remove all the left over residue from the cleaner.
Carpets Get Dirty Again Faster: This is the result of the first two issues. The carpet staying wet for days and the extra residue from the cleaner will cause the carpets to get dirty much faster. The wetness as well as the residue is enough to get the dirt from shoes and feet and attach it to the carpet fibers much more so than a nice clean carpet. They will get compacted down and full of dirt and grime. This can be extremely frustrating and will end up costing you more money since you will need to rent the machine much more often. A professional cleaning company is able to clean the carpets well so that it can last until the next regular cleaning.

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