Best Way to Clean Different Types of Carpets in Solana Beach, CA; Nylon, Polyester, Sisal or Hemp Fibers

Did you know there are multiple types of carpet? Carpet is made up of fiber twisted together. Each one has its own preferred method of cleaning. Most mistakes people make when cleaning their own carpet is they assume it’s all the same. You can damage and ruin your carpet if not treated properly. The three types of carpet that Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will cover are Nylon, Polyester, Sisal or Hemp Fiber carpets.

How to Clean Nylon Carpet Fibers

Nylon carpet fiber is one of the most common types of carpet used today. It has a high tolerance to water, and is versatile when it comes to the variety of cleaning chemicals it accepts. Nylon carpets are known as a forgiving fiber carpet. Nylon carpets can be easily cleaned with a steam cleaning. Most standard cleaning chemicals can be used on nylon carpet. However, avoid those high in alkaline. This can cause the carpet to lose its ability to resist stains. See if the HP is lower than 10. Anything higher will make the carpet lose its stain resistance. If you are trying to remove a stain, blot it with either a solution made of dish soap and hot water, or white vinegar and water, or lemon juice with club soda. These solutions work on most stains in nylon carpets. It’s good to vacuum your carpet regularly. Try going in multiple directions to remove the most dirt possible. Going in straight lines looks good, but doesn’t quite remove as much dirt from your carpet.

How to Clean Polyester Carpet Fibers

The polyester carpet is becoming more popular due to the fact it’s a cheaper carpet. Polyester carpets are good at resisting stains and fading. However this type of carpet crushes and mats easily. For this reason, polyester carpet should be installed in low traffic areas. One of the nice things that polyester carpet have going for them, is that they are easy to clean. Because it resists stain and fading so well, it does not require a lot of regular cleaning. Vacuuming needs to be done once a week and some say a deep steam clean should only be done once a year. Polyester carpet can handle most of the cleaning chemicals without problems. Handle stain when they occur. Use a paper towel or cloth to soak up the spill. Check to see if the stain remover you choose, reacts well with the polyester fibers in your carpet.

How to Clean Sisal or Hemp Carpet Fibers

Sisal or hemp carpet is a plant fiber. Typically you will find this type of carpet fiber braided very tightly, making it a challenge to clean. Like most carpets they react to most chemicals used in cleaners. Many professionals will say to avoid any cleaners higher than 7.5 PH. If the PH or alkaline is too high, it will release the carpets color and lighten up over time. Vacuum regularly with a strong brush-suction. Because the fibers are braided tightly, you need a strong suction to remove dirt. A weak suction allows dirt to remain behind and soil build up occurs. Sisal or other plant fiber carpets respond well to light and moisture. An occasionally wet down of the carpet will strengthen the carpet fibers. Do not use a steam cleaner on sisal carpets. It will over saturate and damage the carpet. If a stain occurs use a colorless paper towel or cloth to soak up the liquid. Then brush or sponge detergent or carpet shampoo with lukewarm water. Use a dry cloth or paper towel to soak up the cleaning solution. You’ll want it to dry quickly. Some recommend a blow dryer.

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There are numerous types of carpets. When buying new carpet, or if you’re not sure what kind you already have in your home or business, find out what your carpet fibers are made of. You will then know how to better react when stains and spills occur, and how to routinely clean your carpet. No matter what your carpet fibers are made of, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to clean them!

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