How to Clean & Remove Mud & Grime off Carpets, Tile & Hardwood Floors in La Mesa, CA

Keeping a clean house and especially clean floors can be a never ending chore. If you actually live in the house and use it there will always be messes that need to be cleaned. It can be scrubbing a bathroom, washing windows, doing your laundry and cleaning the floors. The floors take on a lot of wear and tear since you walk on them as do your friends, family and pets. The mess that can potentially be brought in can be difficult to clean off the floors. Some of the common stains and spills that you are sure to have to deal with are juice, food and gum. They each need to be cleaned a specific way to ensure that it is cleaned properly. Another mess that ends up on your floors especially in the winter is mud. Mud is a mess that can affect the floors in your home from hardwood to tile to carpet.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Clean Mud from Your Hardwood, Tile & Carpet Floors

How to Clean Mud Off Your Hardwood Floors: If you end up with mud on your hardwood floors you need to be careful when cleaning it. The biggest issue is that mud is made from water and dirt that both can be damaging to your hardwood. The water is bad for the wood and the dirt can easily be abrasive to the hardwood leaving behind scratches. When you clean the mud off the hardwood you need to pick up as much debris as you can with a broom and dust pan. Be sure that you don’t push the dirt around the room and try to pick it up where the dirt deposit is. Then you need to have the floors cleaned with a cleaning product that is best for your hardwood.
Best Way to Clean Mud from Tile Floors: The problem you have when there is mud on your tile is that the tile has grout. These grout lines are lower which means that the dirt and mud will fall in these valleys and be hard to get out. If you have natural stone it can be scratched by the abrasive dirt as well. Be sure that you sweep or even vacuum up the mud or dirt. Then use a water and vinegar mixture to clean the floors after the debris has been lifted.
How to Clean Muddy Footprints from Carpet: When you are dealing with cleaning mud from your carpet it is different than any other type of spot on the carpet. The mud has to be allowed time to dry before you can do any work at all. Allow the water to be dried out leaving you dirt only to clean off. Then use a brush or other hard object to break up the dirt so that it can be vacuumed up. You may need to do this in parts so you don’t spread the dirt any further. Then have the area cleaned with water and dish detergent to dab any discoloration that may still exist.

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