How to Take Care of Fabric Sofas & Extend the Life of Upholstery in Solana Beach, CA

In no time at all, your upholstery can go from pristine and immaculate to dull and spotty, especially if you do not provide the proper care and maintenance. The upholstery will not last in prime condition if it is neglected; dutiful spot cleaning, professional cleaning, and routine care, much like carpets, rugs, and nearly everything else in your home. In an effort to help you keep your upholstery looking stunning and vibrant for the length of the expected lifespan or beyond, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have compiled a few tips and advice on doing just that.

How Long Does Upholstery Last?

The upholstery can last anywhere between seven and 15 years, depending on the type of upholstery and the quality of it. Keeping your favorite sofa safe from wear for only five years can be a challenge. The fabric of the upholstery can have negative influences that contribute to the decay; consistent use, human sweat, pet accidents, pet fur/hair/dander, food and beverage spills, other contact from various agents that cause stains, exposure to dust, dirt, and debris, imbalanced humidity levels, as well as hours of direct sunlight. There are so many circumstances that can negatively impact the upholstery.

How to Take Care of Fabric Sofas

To help keep your upholstery in peak condition and looking radiant, apply the following tips below.
1) Check the Label. Read the label on the furniture, especially as you get new additions. These labels direct you on proper cleaning, pre-treatment recommendations, as well as various products to avoid which are all helpful in getting your upholstery to last.
2) Avoid Direct Sunlight. The upholstery that has direct sunlight shining through a window throughout the different times of days can cause the upholstery to fade and dry out, becoming brittle. If the upholstery is in direct contact, be sure to utilize, blinds, curtains, or other such window treatments during the peak hours.
3) Remove the Pet Hair. Whether they are allowed on the furniture or not, pets will at the least shed on the upholstery. Keep a lint brush or dish glove handy to routinely collect the pet hair and dander. The hair and dander are much like dirt and dust, causing the upholstery to look dull and expedites the wear.
4) Vacuum. With the vacuum’s hose and applicable attachments, all the surfaces from top to bottom and surrounding areas of a cushion should be vacuumed down at least once a week, more so if you have time to spare. Penetrates below the surface as it is used, the upholstery is fairly porous, absorbing the dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris. These contaminates will make the fabric look dull and gritty and the granules only accelerate the deterioration. Regular vacuuming helps keep the upholstery looking amazing and young.
5) Keep Rotating. The cushions are reversible, more often than not; if applicable, rotate the cushions to even out the wear and avoid divots every time you vacuum.
6) Professional Cleaning. The upholstery should be professionally cleaned to remove any dust and debris the vacuum couldn’t extract, remove any spots and stains, as well as neutralize odors at least once a year to maintain the condition and appearance of your upholstery.

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