How to Clean & Remove Gum, Hard & Sticky Candy from Your Carpets in San Diego CA

One of the hardest things to remove from your carpets and rugs is gum or sticky candy. It can be as simple as a child walking through a room and dropping their gummy candy on the ground and then stepping on it. The sticky candy can attach to the carpet fibers and be extremely hard to remove without causing damage to the carpet itself. Chewed up gum works in the same way in that it can attach to the fibers and cause damage as well. Removing it can become difficult so many people choose to leave it on the carpet and cover it with a rug or piece of furniture. The bad part is that the longer it sticks to the carpet, the harder it can be to remove. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines a few different ways to remove gum and sticky candy from your carpet.

Ice Cubes Can Get Gum Out Of Your Carpet

This may not seem like a likely option but a piece of ice can do wonders when removing sticky candy and gum from your carpets. Get a zip close bag and add some pieces of ice in it and seal it up tight. This method is best to use if you catch the gum or candy right away and need to remove it. Lay the bag of ice on the gum and let it set long enough for the gum to be frozen. Use a knife or other hard object to scrape it away. It may crack and break just keep working on it until it is gone.

Oil Can Remove Gum From Carpet

This method needs to be done with care since the oils can get in the carpet and cause a secondary stain. You can use oils such as olive oil or even peanut butter to get the gum out. Just like getting gum out of hair using a big scoop of peanut butter you can do the same technique with gum in the carpet. Take a little scoop of peanut butter and rub it in the gum to start breaking it up. Once it is broken up you can pick up the pieces and use a carpet cleaner to clean the spot.

Have The Carpets Cleaned Professionally

This is the best solution when you are looking into removing any stains from your carpets. Hire a professional carpet cleaner to come out and take care of the stains and clean the rest of the carpet.

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