Spring Cleaning Carpet, Rugs & Upholstery in La Jolla, CA to Remove Dirt, Debris, Stains & Odors

The time has come that many people choose to shed off their old dusty winter stuffiness and want a fresh start. The spring not only brings out great weather but you can start to enjoy the outdoors. One of the most amazing things about the nice weather is that you can open the windows and allow some fresh air. It is a great time to clean the house and do some of those deep cleaning chores that have been overlooked during the long winter months. This is a great way to get your home in shape to enjoy the beautiful weather. There may be some areas that you are overlooking when you do your spring cleaning. The goal is to remove the dust, dirt and debris from your home so skipping the carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning is a big mistake. They are housing much more dirt and dust that you are most likely even aware of. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning lists the reasons you need to add carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning to your spring cleaning routine.

Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning

When you skip the carpet cleaning when you do your spring clean you are skipping one of the dusty and dirtiest area of the home. The carpet is what everyone walks on with their dirt shoes or oily feet. IT is also where spills occurs and stains happen. The carpet is going to be home for pet stains and much more. There are some pests that can live on the carpet that include dust mites and carpet beetles. These pests are a problem not only for your health but also can damage the carpet. The best way to deal with all these ailments is to have the carpets cleaned professionally.

Clean Area Rugs

Often time people roll up the rugs and put them out while they have the carpets cleaned. The problem is that the rugs are also made of fabric and can hold onto the dirt just as well as your carpet. The rugs can be moved off the carpeting and still cleaned professionally. The rug is most likely the first line of defense for spills and dirt since it is laid over top of the carpet. You want to be sure that the rugs are also cleaned and the stains removed as well.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaner

There are some people that don’t even realize that your favorite chair and the family couches and sofas can be cleaned. they are also made from fabric and it is not possible to throw them in the washing machine but a professional can clean them. The professional has specialized tools to get the skin, hair, stains and dirt off the upholstery. When you have this done you are also extending the look and life of the couches and sofas.

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When you add these three additions to your spring cleaning routine you will have a much cleaner home as well as better air quality. Call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to schedule professional carpet, floor and upholstery cleaning today!

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