How to Clean & Get Fresh or Dried Vomit Stain & Smell Out of Carpet in Spring Valley, CA

We have all been in a position that you start to feel ill and realize that you are going to vomit. Most people know that they need to get to a bathroom or a trash bin before the vomit comes up. Although you know that this is necessary there will be times that it does not happen. If you have a child, they tend to skip the bathroom and might toss their cookies right on the living room carpet. If you have pets they also are not aware that they need to move off the carpet and can have an accident on the carpet as well. However the vomit ends up on the carpet you still need to be aware of what to do to clean it off. There are some people that cannot stand the smell or look of vomit and it could make them queasy. This can be counter productive if you want to clean the mess up. It is a good idea to know what you should do to clean the vomit before it creates a stain.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Remove Vomit Stains from Carpet

Scrape Vomit Off Carpet: If you are sitting there and watch someone lose it on the carpet you are in a good position. It may not feel that way but this is the best time to clean the vomit. You want to start with a bag that you can use over your hand to pick up the solids from the vomit that is on the carpet, You can use several bags and repeat the process if you need to and the pile happens to be large. You want to make sure that if you have gloves you use them. Be sure that you tie up the bags and throw them out of the house. Then you can use water that has been mixed with vinegar and dish washing soap. You want to apply it to a cloth and dab at the spot until it has been removed. This may take a few times to get all the stain off depending on the size and the color of the stain. You want to make sure that you use nice clean clothes that you are upset if they are ruined.
How to Remove Old Vomit Stains: There are times that a child or your pet might vomit at night and it sits all night and day before you realize that it is there. This means that the vomit has dried up and needs to be picked up. Start with a spoon that you can use to break up any of the dry patches. Then you can a vacuum or pick up the solid pieces before you start cleaning. The next step is to use water to soak the area so that any remaining vomit is moistened so that it can be cleaned off. You want to use the same cleaner of water, vinegar and dish soap to work the area with a clean cloth.
Vomit Odor Removal from Carpet: Lastly you want to make sure that you treat the smell or odor that is left on the area. You can use baking soda on the area covering it all the way. Then allow the baking soda to sit overnight and vacuum up the next day. This will pull the smell out of the carpet and absorb it so that it can be treated.

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