How to Clean & Get Easter Egg Food Coloring Dye Stains Off of Carpet & More in Julian, CA

Easter left behind some fond memories and messes. Whether you are about to get on with the Easter Egg dyeing tradition, or it has since past, many people will likely find the dye on various surfaces in their home including on tile and grout, carpets, upholstery, wood floors and rugs. In most cases, the dye can be removed from most surface by immediately blotting mess, however, if it has had time to set in, or is more challenging, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share a multi-surface method on removing the dye from the places mentioned previously.

How to Remove Easter Egg Dye from Carpet

1) In an inconspicuous area, be sure to conduct a patch test regardless of which surface needs your attention. Hydrogen peroxide can normally safely and effectively remove the Easter Egg Dye, however, with the right potency and duration, hydrogen peroxide has natural lightening affects and can alter the color of the surface you are treating, making the patch test necessary to ensure it is not compromised.
2) To help you better manage applying the peroxide, pour 3% hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle. Any surface such as rugs, carpets, upholstery, or hard surface flooring that is affected by the Easter egg dye can be moderately misted down.
3) For approximately five minutes, let the peroxide soak into the dye. Be sure to not oversaturate as most surfaces are susceptible to moisture damage, especially if they have been properly sealed.
4) For the porous textured surfaces, a tooth brush might help be more efficiently. Use different areas of the cloth and as the dye transfers to cloth be sure to rinse it well with cool water, ring it out and continue blotting, reapply peroxide only when needed.
5) Treat a cloth with soapy water and lightly wipe the area to ensure the peroxide is completely removed from the more porous surfaces. Do not forget rinse away soapy residues with a water damp cloth to get rid of the soap residues.
6) To remove the residual moisture, use a clean dry towel and dry the area as well as possible.
7) Until the Easter Egg dye is completely removed, repeat the steps as necessary.
Rugs, carpets, and upholstery being treated should never be scrubbed or rubbed, but only blotted. Do not let the area become too wet as it can cause water damage and never use colored or printed paper towels or cloths, as well as hot water.

Cleaning Tips to Get Easter Egg Dye Stains Out of Hardwood Floors

1) When it comes to wood floors, you may have to use fine grit paper and lightly sand down the areas the dye has stained it, followed up by refinishing, especially if the wood was not properly sealed. Contact an expert for assistance if you are uncertain about the procedure.
2) Pre-dampen the cloth before applying peroxide to the same cloth to avoid water marks on wood flooring.
3) Applying amount and time left to start removing the dye should be done on the side of caution to prevent permanent damage. It is better to reapply if necessary, that leave it on too long that will cause irreversible color lightening affects.

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If the Easter Egg dye has become problematic, call in the experts of Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let our certified and experienced specialists combat these stains.

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