How to Clean a Large Area Rug in Poway, CA; Vacuum, Spot Treat, Steam Cleaning & More

There are many people that have added an area rug to rooms in their house. This is a great way to add a splash of color or increase the décor within a space. You also may choose to have a rug in an area that you want to help protect the floors underneath. The rug can be placed over a carpeted area, hardwood floors or stone floors. The area rug is a great addition but you do not want to overlook the need to keep the rug cleaned. The rugs are sometimes rolled up and moved so that you can clean the floors that are under the rug. The problem is that the rugs are also covered with dirt, debris and stains that need to be cleaned and treated. The area rugs are similar to a piece of carpet and it is a good idea to have some tips on how to keep them clean.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Tips for How to Keep an Area Rug Clean

Shake Out & Beat Rugs: When you are trying to keep your area rugs clean it is important to treat them properly. They are there as a way to create a level of décor but it also adds a layer of barrier for spills, dirt and debris. If you allow too much dirt and debris to stay on the rug it can start to break down the colors or the fibers of it. The first step in caring for and keeping your rugs looking good is to take it outside and give the rug a shake or a beating. The shaking and beating will help to dislodge the dirt that has landed on the rug. This will also help to keep the rug looking fuller and it will be easier to clean.
Vacuum Area Rugs: Even though you need to take some time to occasionally shake out the rug you want to also run the vacuum. You cannot grab the rug that has your dining room table sitting on it or your large area rug in your living room to shake it off. That is why it is important to run your vacuum on a regular basis. You want to make sure that you are careful around the edges so that it does not damage the tassels of the seams. Be sure that you run the vacuum as a way to take out the dirt, dust and debris that will land on the rug throughout the day.
Clean Rug Stains As Soon As Possible: If you happen to see that that someone has spilled on your rug it is a good idea to clean it up as soon as possible. The rug does not have as many layers as the carpet does and that can lead to a spill seeping through quickly. That is why it is a good idea to have a plan on cleaning up any stains and spills that may occur.

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You also want to make sure that you have a professional to come out and clean your carpets and rugs at the same time. They can take the rugs out of the house and clean them with the same process that they use to ensure that your carpets are cleaned as well. Be sure that you schedule your appointment to have them cleaned regularly. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out to your home to treat your rugs as well as your carpets. Call us today!

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