How to Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Del Mar, CA Home with Air Duct & Carpet Cleaning

When you suffer from indoor allergies and you feel like the air inside your home is awful, you may wonder what you can do to improve the air quality inside your home. Research has been done to discover the source of pollutants inside the home. Reports have shown a number of sources however, the top two source of contaminants and pollutants come from carpets and the air duct system inside homes. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share what has been found inside air duct and carpets and how you can improve your home indoor air quality.

Carpet & Air Ducts Trap Dirt

Carpets are well know for trapping dust, hair and even moisture in the fabric or pile. To help combat the amount of debris found in carpet, it should be vacuumed almost everyday to help keep the carpets cleaner. However, over time carpet becomes filled will dirt, hair and other contaminants which feed bacteria and pests. When carpet gets wet the are prone to developing mold with the spores can get release into the air. Carpet can be difficult to maintain and keep clean which is why they are known to produce a number of indoor air pollutants. Air ducts also produce a lot of contaminants in the air. Air ducts also have been known to produce mold if moisture gets trapped inside, as well as accumulating dust and even pollen from outside. Air ducts have also been found to harbor pests including mice, cockroaches, mites and spiders. They leave contaminants inside the air ducts such as dander, skin flakes and feces. As the HVAC system circulates air through the air duct all of it gets blown throughout the entire home. In short air ducts is another major source of contaminate and pollutants found inside home and in the air.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Since carpets and air ducts produce the majority of indoor air contamination when you want to improve your home’s air quality it is recommended to have the air ducts and carpet cleaned. Professional air duct cleaning helps remove dust and debris from out of the air and can also treat and disinfect them if mold or bacteria is present. By having the air ducts clean removes the potential of contaminants becoming airborne and circulating throughout the home. Carpets provide a lovely soft surface. They help reduce noises and echos however, they can be very difficult to keep clean. In order to maintain clean carpet and help improve the air quality it is recommended that the homeowner vacuums the carpet every day or at least once a week to help prevent dirt and other contaminants from accumulating. Additionally professional steam carpet cleaning is also recommended. Steam cleaning help breaks up dirt and other particles that is trapped inside the carpet and removes it. The heat can also kill dust mites, bacteria and mold if present inside the carpet. Carpets should be professionally cleaned twice a year, for home with a lot of foot traffic from kids or pest you may even want to carpet cleaned every three month to help improve indoor air quality and cleaner carpets.

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