How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Steam Cleaned in Mission Valley, CA? Carpet Stains, Traffic, Pets & More

Carpet cleaning is not a service that needs to be done on a weekly basis so you may not know how often to have it done. The first thing is that you want to make sure that it is done on a regular basis so that the cleanliness is kept up. What you don’t want is to wait until the floors are so filthy that the job may be much harder and can end up costing more money. There are some stains and dirt that need to be removed as soon as possible to ensure that they don’t do permanent damage. If the carpet is too damaged it will need to be replaced which will end up costing you more than if you were to have them cleaned regularly. Some people are not sure when they need to have their carpets cleaned and what they need to look for.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning List Factors to Look at When Determining How Often to Clean Your Carpets

How Many People Walk on Your Carpet?: One of the things that you need to consider when deciding how often you need to have your carpets cleaned is how many people are living there. The reason that you need to consider how many people is the more occupants are, the more traffic there will be. There is also more chances that someone will spill on the carpet which can end up as a stain. If you have more people in the home you need to clean the carpets more often than a home that has only one or two people.
Carpet Cleaning Pet Urine, Drool & Hair: Another reason that you may need to have your carpets cleaned more often is if you have pets in the home. There are many pets that are good and won’t have accidents that often. The problem is even if they have one accident on occasion you will have a stain and odor in the home. Some pets have accidents but that is not the only reason they increase how often you need to clean your carpets. They also can slobber or shed their fur. The hair that is being dropped on the carpets will need to be removed and carpet cleaning can do that for you.
How Bad Are the Carpet Stains & Spills: You also want to look at how often you are treating spills on the carpets. If you are going around the house following kids and cleaning up their juice spills and food off the carpet you need to consider having your carpets cleaned often. The longer a spill is allowed to sit on the carpet the worse it is and the harder it will be to remove. If you are in a home that has mainly adults that are careful with their drinks and food you can wait a bit longer.
Do You Have Light or Dark Colored Carpet?: There is not one color that will get dirtier than any other color but some will show the dirt much quicker. The lighter the carpet the dirtier it will look and you may choose to have them done more often than someone that has a darker colored carpet.

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