Carpet Stain Removal: How to Get Bike & Car Axle Grease & Cooking Oil Stains from Carpet in La Jolla, CA

A grease stain on anything is a really hard thing to remove and clean. Grease interacts with the fibers on your carpet in a different way than any other kind of spill. Grease soaks in the carpet and in a very small amount of time will cause some damage. When you see a spill or stain on your carpet your first instinct may be to quickly go over and start rubbing it. This is a bad idea and like many stains and spills it can actually cause the stain to spread and get even worse. You do want to get to the stain very quick and work on it as long as you are doing it correctly. There is a technique that you can try to use to remove the stain yourself.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Explains the Best Way to Try & Remove Grease Stains from Your Carpets

How Do Grease Stains on Carpet Occur: There are several types of ways that carpets can be stained from grease. The most common one is from foods that can be high in grease such as pizza and fried chicken. It can also be foods that were cooked with oils that can cause grease stains on the carpet as well if it is dripped of spilled. You can also get stains from machinery when your husband was out working in the car, or a child that takes apart his bike to make repairs. Whatever the grease is from, you need to get to work on it as soon as you can.
How To Remove Grease Stains on Carpet: You need to start removing the stain from your carpet the way that many stains are removed. Get a nice clean cloth that you can use to blot away as much as the excess grease as you can. This step will help to ensure that the stain is not able to spread further past the original spot. The next step is to create a dry cleaning mixture that you will be able to use in a spray bottle. Eight parts of water, one part of dishwasher soap and one part of glycerin that you want to mix together really well and add to the spray bottle. This is the first part and the absorbent pad is the other. Use the spray bottle to saturate the absorbent pad and set it on the stain and allow it to set there for about ten minutes. You can then take the pad off and use water to clear the area. If the stain is still there you can repeat the process a few more times to try and remove the stain completely. If this does not work you can always call a professional.

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When you want to have a stain removed and you do not have the right cleaner or knowledge you can always call a professional carpet cleaner. A carpet cleaning company like Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out and treat for any stains as well as clean the rest of the carpet too. This can save you time and the headache of trying to do it yourself.

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