Area Rug Cleaning Process in La Mesa, CA; Preparation, Color Testing, Washing, Rinsing & Drying Tips

It can be rather daunting when you need to clean your area rug, especially those large area rugs. Many mistakes have been made when people go blindly into the task of cleaning them. Area rugs can be an expensive addition to your home’s décor. So if you find it’s time to clean your area rug, allow Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to walk you through the proper steps you can do to give your area rug the cleaning it needs.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1. – First we must begin by preparing your rug for cleaning. This means a thorough vacuuming of both the top and underside of the rug. We suggest you do the back or under side of the rug first. This is done to suck the dirt that settled deep within your rugs. Then vacuum the top of the rug, make sure you use proper vacuuming techniques. Meaning vacuuming in multiple directions. This will loosen and open up the carpet fibers for a deeper and better cleaning.
Step 2. – Perform a color test. This means use you cleaning solution in a small area of the rug. The best place is where it isn’t seen or is covered by furniture. Apply a small amount in a small area of the rug to see if the color will run or lighten up. Some dyes used in carpets and rugs are sensitive to some cleaning agents that can cause the color to run or lighten up when used. If there isn’t any side effect to your carpet’s color, proceed to the next step. (Use a different rug cleaner if it runs or lightens).
Step 3. – Washing your rug is the next step. You can use a commercial carpet and rug cleaner or even your own homemade cocktails. Just make sure whatever you use is safe on rugs. Use a bucket with warm water and your cleaning solution. A soft bristle brush or sponge and work up a soapy lather. Scrub softly the surfaces of the rug. (Note never scrub at a stain — this guide is to clean the rug — not remove stains) Scrub the rug starting from the top and work side to side as you travel down the rug. After you apply the cleaning detergent, allow it to set on the rug for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.
Step 4. – Now begin rinsing out your rug. Use a garden hose and spray the rug in the same way you washed it. Start from the top and go side to side as you work the soap down the rug. Make rug you rinse both sides.
Step 5. – Remove as much water as you can. If you have access to either a carpet steamer or even a shop vac, both can suck up water from rugs. This might be helpful for those really large area rugs. If the rug is small enough to pick up, squeeze as much water out as you can.
Step 6. – Allow your rug to dry, you can leave it outside and or use a fan to help dry the rug. For thicker rugs, occasionally flip the rug over a couple times until the rug is fully dry. Once the rug is dry, put it back in it place and enjoy a clean rug.

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If there are stains on the rug you should deal with them before you do a full cleaning of the rug. Stains are cleaned much differently then just a “wash” of the rug. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning hopes you found this helpful when approaching the task of washing your area rugs. If time or space is an issue, we will be happy to help you with your area rug cleaning needs. Contact us for all your floor and upholstered furniture needs.

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