How Do You Clean Christmas Tree Sap Stains & Get Pine Needles Out of Carpets in Chula Vista, CA?

Many people prefer to use a real tree for the Christmas decorating. Unfortunately, the downside of using a wonderfully scented tree is dealing with the fallen needles and sap contact on the carpeting. To help you manage the mess that comes with a Christmas Tree, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share how to remove sap and needles from your carpets.

What Will Take Tree Sap Out of Carpet?

Similarly to removing chewing gum from your carpets, sap has a few methods you can do to get rid of it. You can harden it and chip it away or you can dissolve it and remove it. Below are a few steps to remove sap.
1) A product that can help dry out sap and allow you to break it off your carpet fibers is rubbing alcohol. Blot the sap gently after you soak a paper towel or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol. Don’t rub or scrub and repeat as needed. Use a clean, water-damp cloth to rinse the alcohol and ensure it is efficiently dried.
2) In the same way you would use it to remove gum from your hair, ice works well. Since as it melts away during the process, it will take longer to harden sap. Pick the sap from the fibers after you use as much ice as necessary to harden sap.
3) Dishwashing detergent can remove the sap from carpets. After testing a small area first, apply a small amount to the carpet fibers. With a warm, damp cloth, massage the detergent into the fibers until the sap is loosened and removed. Since detergent can attract dirt, make sure to use a water-damp cloth to rinse the detergent out. Though Peanut butter, mayonnaise, and other greasy items can help break up the sap, it can also leave stains and messes in its place. If sap proves to be too difficult to remove, call in the experts.

Can You Vacuum Up Pine Needles?

The best for removing pine needles are rubber brooms. Sweep the pine needles up first before even thinking about turning on your vacuum cleaner. Who needs any surprise bills after an expensive Christmas, and Christmas tree needles might have sap on them and can ruin a vacuum cleaner. We recommend using a broom with rubber bristles, though any broom will work. Rubber brooms are good for removing fur from carpeting as well.
– A Baking Soda Hack. Baking soda can help clean up your Christmas tree. To help coat them and make it easier to vacuum them up, sprinkle baking soda over the needles prior to vacuuming. Ensure to do a thorough inspection and remove all of those metal ornament hooks before vacuuming!
– When Those Pesky Pine Needles Vacuum Up. When you need to deal with pine needles that relentlessly stay stuck in the fibers of your carpet, duct tape can also be the perfect solution. Simply wrap duct tape around your hands and pat those pine needles right up. Though a rather tedious process, tweezers can get the last remaining needles stabbing your feet.

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