How Do You Get Dog Smell Out of Carpets in Oceanside, CA; Professional Carpet Cleaning & More

For many people, their pets bring them just as much joy as their children. These fur balls become a part of the family that most people can’t imagine living without. Even though we love our pets dearly, that doesn’t mean that you want your home to smell like them. When pets leave behind odors in your carpet, it can be difficult to get rid of them on your own. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to share some tips that will help you remove lingering pet odors from your carpet.

DIY Homemade Methods – How Do You Neutralize Pet Odor in a House?

Believe it or not, you more than likely have some tools in your home already that can help you to remove pet odors from your carpet. Here are our two best natural household cleaning remedies to help you battle pet odors.
– Baking Soda: Forget those powders that are filled with fragrance and available to purchase at the store. They only leave a residue on the carpet that attracts dirt and dust. You have something far better in your home already, baking soda. This is a natural cleaning tool that can eliminate even the toughest odors. You will simply sprinkle the area with a generous amount of baking soda and allow it to sit on the carpet at least 20 minutes. It is even better if you can leave it overnight. After you have left it to sit, simply vacuum it up and see the odor disappear.
– Vinegar: Another helpful tool in your home is vinegar. If you mix a little bit of vinegar with water and put it in a spray bottle, you can spritz the area and allow it to dry. This will remove lingering odors that you haven’t been able to get rid of. You may have to repeat that more than once to completely remove the odor.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Odors?

If you aren’t having any luck removing odors with your home remedies, you may need to turn to professionals to help eliminate pet odors. With stronger cleaning solutions and professional grade equipment, there are no pet odors that can’t be removed by professional cleaning.

How to Prevent Dog & Cat Smells in Carpet

There are some things that homeowners can do to eliminate pet odors in their carpet. Here are some tips.
– Keep your pet groomed. Pet dander is one cause of foul odors with pets. Grooming them often helps keep dander under control.
– Ensure your pet is potty trained. If your pet is still having accidents in your home, it is time to buckle down and get them trained. Sometimes, this involved hiring professionals to help.
– Have your carpet regularly cleaned by professionals. Professional carpet cleaning should happen more frequently when you have pets in your home to keep odors at bay.

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