Could you Have Carpet Beetles? How to you Get them & How to Get Rid of them in Chula Vista CA!

One of the ways that your carpet could be getting damaged is by a little beetle that hides in the fibers. They are small and usually black or brown and can be hard to find. The fibers are part of the diet of the carpet beetle along with some kind of moisture. If you live in an area that has a high humidity level like in San Diego, California, you could be prone to having carpet beetles. Some people believe that carpet beetles are only in homes that are messy and not kept clean. This is not true as they will feed on any kind of carpet in any home around the United States.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has prepared a couple of things that you can look out for to know if you have carpet beetles and how you can get rid of them.

Bald Spots or Patches: If you have ever seen an area of your carpet that seems to be balding or getting thinned out it could be a sign of carpet beetles. The carpet beetle will eat away at an area of carpet and it will make the area look like the fibers have been damaged. Once the fibers have been damaged it cannot be reversed. The carpet would then need to be repaired by a professional.

Wood like shavings: This is the second way that you can tell that you are infested with carpet beetles. If you start to see small piles of shavings that look like pieces of wood or paper it is from the larvae that have hatched. When the adult beetles have laid there eggs they will eventually hatch. This is where the small piece comes from. It is the casing that the larvae has emerged from and is now starting to feed on the carpet. They are usually in a darker area or in a corner.

Carpet Cleaning: This is the very best way that you can remove the carpet beetles and stop them from damaging your carpets any further. The professional carpet cleaner like Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come with their high powered cleaners and while getting the carpets cleaned can remove any larvae, eggs or adult beetles that may be on the carpets. If you have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis you can stop these beetles before they have a chance to start eating away.

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