Car Upholstery Cleaning Tips in San Diego CA; Call our Professional Full Service Carpet & Sofa Upholstery Cleaners!

Your car is like a second home. Whether you spend your time driving to and from work, shuttling the kids to and from school or taxiing the family around on Saturday to sporting events; your car takes a beating. The upholstery of your automobile can be difficult to keep clean. A rainy day can turn car pooling into a mud puddle on your back seats and you won’t even notice it until you’re loading groceries into your car at the store. Dirt, dust, mud and everything else can become smashed into your car’s upholstery making the inside of your vehicle not only unattractive, but it can also start to smell pretty unpleasant.

Start & Maintain Clean Auto Upholstery

The best way to keep the inside of your car clean and your upholstery looking nice is to start with clean upholstery. As silly as that sounds, if you are in the habit of taking good care of your automobile’s upholstery then up keeping its appearance and condition will become much easier. Set aside the time it will take to clean your car out completely, driving your car when the interior is completely clean will assist in motivating you to continue to take care of your upholstery and other areas.

No Food Policy in Car to Minimize Upholstery Stains

Another step to take that will improve the condition of your car’s upholstery is to keep a trash bin inside of your vehicle. No car interior should be without a trash bin, and there are specific products made for this purpose that will fit neatly into certain areas of your vehicle. Keeping a trash bin inside of your vehicle will reduce any stains to your upholstery that may come from food wrappers, drink containers and other trash. To eliminate the chance entirely of your upholstery becoming stained from food, stop eating in your car. Many car owners have a no food policy in their vehicles which helps greatly to keep their car’s upholstery looking like new.

Auto Upholstery Fabric Vacuum

While washing the outside of your vehicle is a normal Saturday chore, get into the habit of regularly vacuuming the inside of your vehicle. Do not only vacuum the floor of your vehicle, but also vacuum your car’s upholstery to remove any layers of dust, dirt and crumbs that may be sitting on your seats. If dirt, dust and food is allowed to sit on the surface of your car’s upholstery, it will slowly begin to seep deeply into the upholstery’s fibers, resulting in unsightly stains.

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