Best Ways to Remove Blood Stains in Solana Beach CA; Call our Professional Carpet Cleaners for Cleaning & Stain Removal!

There are countless ways that blood can be dripped onto your carpet, and it can be hard to remove. Keeping your carpet vibrant, clean and refreshed, also entails removing stains as they occur. But with literally millions of accidents and possibilities to blemish your carpets, it’s best to have a few tricks up your sleeve for removal of the various stains that can occur.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share how to remove blood stains from off of your carpet.

How to Remove Fresh Blood from Carpet

1. Using plain, white paper towels, blot by applying pressure down and lifting up. On larger stains, work from the outer rims of the stain towards the center. Do NOT rub, scrub or wipe, doing so will only smear the stain, or push it deeper into the fibers.
2. Using a spray bottle, dampen the stain with clear, cool water and allow to set for five minutes. Do NOT use warm or hot water, doing so will only set the stain in. Do NOT over wet your carpet as too much water can create other issues and hinder stain removal.
3. Blot the moistened stain with an old towel, using the blotting technique. Repeat until stain has lifted, using different sections of the towel as the towel absorbs the liquid.
4. If stain persists, apply a salt paste mixture. To make the salt paste, mix salt and water. Only add a few drops of water at a time until you create a thin paste. After applying the paste, allow it to set for five minutes. Using a damp, clean cloth, blot up the stain and salt. Repeat as necessary.
5. After the stain has lifted and the area is dried, be sure to vacuum thoroughly. Salt can contribute to carpet damage over time.
6. If a faint stain remains, prepare a cleaning solution of 1-2 tsp liquid dish washing liquid in 1 cup cold water, and sponge the solution onto the stain without soaking your carpet. Be sure to use the method of blotting when removing the stain.
7. Using pure, cool water, sponge the area to rinse away the soap residue.
8. Ensure the area is dry, and vacuum the spot to relax the fibers.

Removing Dried Blood from Carpet

1. Using a dulled edge, a butter knife for example, scrape away as much of the crusted blood as possible. Use caution and reservation when doing this step, as you do not want to damage the carpet.
2. You will need to break down the protein found in all fluid expelled from the body. A meat tenderizer will do the trick. Mix equal parts of meat tenderizer with cool water. Sponge your mixture onto the stain. Be sure to use unflavored meat tenderizer as flavored ones will create new stains. Do not use on wool or silk carpets.
3. Apply a 3% hydrogen peroxide to the stain, use caution as hydrogen peroxide has the potential to lighten the carpet as well.
4. If you prefer, ammonia can work as well, but also contains the similar components that might lighten your carpet.
– First mix together, 2 tsp of shampoo or liquid dish soap with 1 cup of water. Spray the mixture onto the stain and allow to set for five minutes.
– Next, mix 1 TBS ammonia with 1 cup of room temperature water.
– Blot the original solution dry, and then apply the ammonia mixture. Allow to set five minutes and then blot dry.
– Sponge on cool water to rinse the solution. Do not soak, just dampen.
– After it has been thoroughly dried, vacuum the spot to relax the fibers.
5. Use an enzyme cleaner to remove any protein stain including blood. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s directions according to its label.
NOTE: Always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous area no matter which cleanser you use, whether it be a commercial shelf product or a homemade remedy to ensure your carpet’s integrity or color is not compromised. Whenever in doubt of what your carpet’s material is made of, contact a professional.

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