Common Mistakes to Avoid When Caring for & Cleaning Tile & Grout Floors in Poway, CA

Tile and grout flooring is a durable floor option and it is often selected for rooms with high-moisture content, such as bathrooms and kitchens. When it comes to the care and maintenance, it is fairly easy, but unfortunately, there are many homeowners who make basic mistakes when it comes to cleaning their tile floor, and we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to share them to help you avoid it when cleaning your tile floors.

Tile Care & Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Not using furniture protectors. With enough exerted force, despite how hard tile is, it can still crack and chip. You can prevent a lot of damage by using furniture protectors on the bottom of legs. When you move the furniture and potted plants around for cleaning, be sure they have protectors fixed on the bottom and you move them with care.
Floor mat neglect. The bulk of dirt and debris tracked in is on the bottom of shoes. Most don’t take advantage of the mats. Be sure to place an exterior mat outside the doors and an interior walk-off mat inside at the doors to contain the majority of the filth.
Sweeping is not done regularly. You can expedite the deterioration of the tile, grout, sealer and finish because you do not sweep/vacuum enough. Causing friction from walking and dirt, a natural abrasive, is like creating a sandpaper-effect. Sweeping/vacuuming daily and a light mopping is perfect for your cleaning maintenance in addition to professional deep cleaning 1-2 times a year.
Using the vacuum cleaner improperly. If you choose to use a vacuum, note the beater bar. Too many folks do not deactivate the beater bar which will scratch and dull the finish. Make certain the beater bar is not spinning before using it on the tile floor.
Tile is over saturated during mopping. During the mopping process, too many over saturate the floor or even just let the floors air dry. Both are bad as it promotes mildew and mold growth that leaves grout lines unsightly and mineral deposits from the water will discolor the grout over time. After you are done mopping with minimal moisture, be sure to dry the floor immediately to also buff and shine the surface.
Glazed tile being cleaned with oil-based cleaners. Already slippery on their own, glazed tile should not be cleaned with oil-based cleaners.
Cleaners with bleach and ammonia-based are used: In addition to oil-based cleaners, ammonia and bleach-based cleaner should also be avoided. These chemicals are not only harsh but over use will discolor the grout. Use a mild all-purpose cleaner, or better yet, the tile cleaner specific to your type of tiled floor.
Scrubbing with wrong paraphernalia: Abrasive powders and tools, such as steel wool, should never be used during the scrubbing. These items will destroy the finish and sealers as well as cause potential damage to the tile and grout. Use nonabrasive tools and chemicals such as the cleaners spoken of earlier and soft mops and cloths to wash the floors.
Leaving spills to fester. Though tile and grout are a lot hardier than carpet or wood, spills should be quickly addressed. Leaving them to seep into the tile and grout could potential creates stains and discoloration. Especially oily and tomato-based products, and beverages will leave unsightly stains, be sure to wipe them up promptly.
Neglecting tile sealing. Sealers are applied to act as a barrier, but eventually they deplete, and a new coat needs to be reapplied. Don’t neglect them and ensure the caulk is efficient; if it is peeling it needs to be addressed.

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