How to Map Out & Remove Set in Dog & Cat Urine Stains & Odors in Your Del Mar, CA Carpet

Do you have a pet in your house? If you do then you are like the majority of households that choose to have a four legged pet such as a dog or cat as a part of their family. They are usually a wonderful addition to a house and research has shown that people that have a dog or cat live longer and are happier. No one can resist a cute cuddly puppy or a kitten. They are a fun ball of energy that is enjoyable to watch search out all the new things around your house. That is all the way up until they have an accident on your carpet. These are going to happen until your pet has figured out where they are supposed to go to the bathroom. Some learn very fast what they need to do while others are stubborn and take some time. There are some that no matter what you do they will over their life have accidents on your rugs and carpets. It is important to note that you need to know how to deal with these stains.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Outlines How to Map & Get Out Pet Urine Stains on Your Carpet

Why Do You Need to Map Out Pet Urine Stains on Carpet?: The problem that many pet owners have with their pet is that the accidents happen when you are not looking. The urine stain will sit on the carpet and soak in. Then it will dry and you will be none the wiser that it even happened. The most common sign that there is pet urine in your house and on your carpets is actually the odor that is left behind. The smell will remain long after the pet urine has dried. You want to have a plan on how to find where your dog or cat has had these accidents so that you are able to treat and clean them properly.
How to Map Out Dog or Cat Urine Carpet Stains: If you start to notice any level of odor in your house that smells like ammonia and musty then you might have a problem with pet urine stains. You can determine the extent of the problem with some simple tools and tasks. The pet stains will show up even after they are dry when you run a black light over the top. You can find these lights at pet stores or online and keep at your house to use over and over again. Use the light to scan the carpet in a pattern so no area is missed. You can then place a marker at the place that urine shows up. This will help you know what areas will need your attention. Other substances can show up under the light so the smell test will help you determine that urine is the cause.
Clean Pet Carpet Stains & Odors: After you know where the urine stains are it is important to clean not only the stain but also the odor as well. The odor will stay in the carpet for a long period of time or until it is neutralized. This can be accomplished with a mixture of baking soda and water or vinegar. The best option to clean the stain and the odor is to call out a professional carpet cleaner.

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