Carpet Disinfectant in El Cajon, CA; How to Steam Clean & Disinfect Carpets to Remove Bacteria & More

There are lots of concern going around about germs, illness, bacteria, virus and disease. These are always concerns that people have and most of the time people will do what they can to reduce the exposure to these types of things. The concern has been heightened with the spread of a new novelty virus called COVID-19. This is an illness that has started overseas but has now started to take hold in the United States. Although this is a new case that has many people feeling nervous, it is not the only one that you should be aware of. There are other viruses, bacteria, germs and more that can start to impact your life and your family. Most people will take time to clean hard surfaces in the house such as counters and doors but the soft surfaces can carry the illness as well. The carpet in your house can be carrying the virus and others that you should make sure you have cleaned. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning outlines what germs can be living on your carpets.

How Long Does Coronavirus COVID-19 Live on Carpet?

This is the latest in the germs and the illness that people are concerned about. The issues with this virus is that it is easily spread from one person to the next and can be from the air around you or touching surfaces that have been effected. The virus has been known to last on surfaces for hours and even days. That is why people are doing what they can to clean surface and disinfect them. The best way to ensure that the virus is not living on your carpets is to have them steam cleaned professionally. They cleaning process has been proven to kill off and reduce the germs that are living on them.

Flu Germs Can Live in Carpet

The hard part about the coronavirus chaos is that it is still flu season. The flu is a huge part of life during the winter and carries into the spring as well. The flu causes many illnesses and even deaths each year. Most people do what they can to reduce their exposure to the flu and that means to clean the house and wash your hands. You also want to avoid people that are sick and stay home if you aren’t feeling well. The best thing you can do is to make sure all surfaces including your carpets care clean. The germs for the flu can live on your carpets and continue to make your family sick if you do not clean them.

Solution to Allergens in Carpet

Lastly there are many people that have allergies that they suffer with during the spring as well. The problem is that you cannot control the allergens that are out in the world but you can do more to control what is in your house. You want to make sure that you clean your carpets because they can house many of the allergens that are found in a house. They have dust mites, dirt, hair and dander that can cause you to trigger allergies.

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