Best Way to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors in Bird Rock, CA; Sweep, Clean Up Spills & More

Most homes have several types of flooring in their home. Carpet in a bedroom is very common to allow the room to have a cozier feel. The bathroom and laundry room often have tile because it is a great option to withstand water and spills. Hardwood is another flooring option that can be found in many areas of homes that is a great and elegant option. Each of these types of flooring has a different set of care techniques to keep them clean and looking their best. When you have to clean your tile there are several steps that need to be taken to ensure that they are clean. The first part of the flooring happens to be the actual tile. They can be stone or ceramic and you want to be sure that you clean them appropriately. The other area that needs to have special attention is the grout. This is the area between each tile that is there to attach them to each other and act as a barrier for spills.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists the Important Steps to Clean Your Tile & Grout

Sweep Tile Floors First: The first thing you need to do when you are ready to clean your tile and grout is to remove the debris. The debris is anything such as dirt and dust. These are things that are easily hidden on a carpeted floor because it can fall down deep in the fibers. The tile shows this kind of stuff off really well and it has to be removed before you clean. Many people will use some form of water or liquid when working on their floors. If you leave the dirt on the floors then you add water you will end up with mud on your floors. The floors are then going to be a bigger mess then before you start it. You can use your broom and dust pan to clean up the floor. You can also use a vacuum that has a setting for bare floors.
Grout Cleaning: The tile is one part of the tile flooring and the grout is the other. The grout has to be cleaned separately since it is set lower than the actual tile. The grout tends to collect more dirt that then stays in the area causing staining. The grout has to be cleaned with a small bristle brush like a toothbrush. You also want to use a cleaner that is gentle enough to not damage the grout. You will need to work on the grout one section at a time and this can be very taxing.
Clean Tile Spills Quickly: It is important for the cleanliness of the grout to clean up spills as quick as you can. The spills will get in the grout and cause them to stain and become discolored.

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