2017 Hardwood Flooring Installation Trends in Pacific Beach, CA; Wide VS Narrow Planks & More

When you are looking to have a new hardwood floor installed in your home there are many things to consider. The hardwood floor is a great option for many homes whether you use it in kitchens, bathroom, entry ways and even bedrooms. The other common flooring options that you can use in your home are tile, stone and carpet. If you have chosen hardwood floors you need to determine what colors, shape, size and wood that you want to have. The options that are available to you are tremendous and it is a good idea to know what you are getting. The different options come across differently when it is installed in your home. That is why knowing some of the common trends and why people choose them can help pinpoint the floor that is best for you.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Several Trends You Can Choose When Picking A New Hardwood Floor

What Color Stain Do You Want for Your Hardwood Floors?: If you are looking for hardwood one of the aspects that you need to consider is what color you want to have. There are a few trends that are great to use and they are still timeless so they won’t go out of style. You can use a light color or natural stain if you have a home that may be a little smaller. The lighter color brings in light and is great for a home that does not get much natural light. The light color is also great for hiding some of the dust that is surely flying around your home. The opposite of light is to choose a dark stain hardwood floor. You can have a dark brown stain, which can have red tones or you can even go with a black or chocolate color stain. These darker colors are great for a home that you want to show off a modern look. The dark colors are also great for rooms that you want to use light colors for cabinets and décor. The dark floors may bring the room down a bit so be sure that you have lots of lighting whether it is natural or indoor lights. Grey colored hardwood floors are a newer trend that many people are choosing. The grey floors are good for a sleek and modern look as well as a fun and colorful room.
Wide VS Narrow Hardwood Floor Planks: Another aspect you need to look into is the size of the hardwood floor pieces that are being installed in your home. You can use large pieces throughout the house and the wood will show off the natural look better. It also lessens the amount of connections that are in the home. You can mix the sizes and have several sizes in the same area to show off a more rustic feel. The smaller pieces are the look that you might have seen most often because when hardwood was first popular that was the width that was available most.

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