How to Care & Clean Area Rugs in Bay Ho, CA; Common Stain Removal Tips & More

Keeping area rugs clean can be a challenge; they are often placed to preserve the primary floor where there is heavy foot traffic. Subject to spills and excessive soil, area rugs get dingy quickly if not properly cared for. With that understanding, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning have comprised a carpet cleaning guide for your convenience. Notes: Consider the following when caring for your rugs.

Tips for How to Clean & Care for an Area Rug

1) No matter the type of rug, professional deep rug cleaning should be conducted at least once a year and as often as needed.
2) To even out the wear from daily use as well as the fading caused by direct sunlight shining through the windows, rotate your rugs every six months, or at least once a year.
3) Utilize a stiff brush in the direction of the rug’s nap to get the embedded pet hair loose that the vacuum can’t manage.
4) Leave the label tag on the rugs and follow any maintenance instructions it directs.
5) Be sure to clean under the rugs when you vacuum and both sides.
6) Take the small rugs outside, shake and beat them out; vacuum.
7) Treat and care for larger rugs like wall-to-wall carpeting and vacuum daily or as often as you can.

Cleaning Methods for Specially Designed Area Rugs

Below you will find the basic methods for common types of specially made rugs.
Woven /Braided Area Rugs: Note the label; machine washable rugs should be covered in either a pillow case with a zipper or mesh laundry bag. On the gentle cycle and using cool water, complete the wash and rinse cycles; toss in the dryer on low tumble dry. Follow manufacturer’s direction on cleaning if it is not machine-washable.
Natural Grass/Rush/Sisal/Coir Area Rugs: Natural fiber rugs are woven in such a way that dirt and debris can easily sift through it easily, building up on the floor. These rugs should be vacuumed daily, or at least frequently, but the primary floor should be cleaned too. Irreversible rugs such as these should be turned over every time you vacuum. Because these types of rugs are weakened with water, only clean when necessary by use of soapy water and a soft brush. Place the rug on a plastic drop sheet under it. .
Sheepskin Hair-on/ Hides/ Fur Area Rugs: Shake unscented talcum powder and after it has set for several hours, brush the talcum powder through the hair and then shake it well outside, repeat until the powder is removed. Clean the back of the rugs, which is prone to filthy films, use a cotton cloth dipped in lukewarm soapy water to wipe the surface clean and be sure to let it fully dry before putting the backside down.
Hand-Knotted/Oriental/Antique/ Handmade Area Rugs: These rugs are delicate; only vacuum these rugs when it comes to maintenance. Protect the rug with nylon screen on top of the rug or tie down some nylon mesh prior to vacuuming. Once a year have these rugs professionally cleaned.

Common Stain Removal from Area Rugs

Common stains that inflict rugs and optimal ways to clean them are below. Perform a patch test with any cleaner you make or buy, never over saturate your rugs and blot dry in between application of cleaner as needed. Avoid scrubbing and rubbing motions, blot only as you treat the stains and follow the labels instructions if available.
Basic DIY cleaning solution: In a squirt bottle, combine 2 parts warm water, and 1 part white vinegar with 1 tsp liquid dish soap.
Gum/wax: Put a plastic baggie of ice cubes in a plastic bag on the gum or wax until it is frozen hard after peeling off the bulk. Using a dulled edge, scrape the gum or wax off; vacuum any fragments and if there is any remaining residue, use a dry-solvent spot cleaner.
Paint: Lightly use a citrus-oxygen cleaner or odorless mineral spirits to remove oil based paint, rinse well and blot until dry. The DIY solution applied to acrylic or latex paint while it is still wet is often effective. Use cotton balls that have had rubbing alcohol applied for removal if any evidence lingers.
Pet Accidents/vomit: Use a citrus-oxygen cleaner or the DIY mixture to treat any stains remaining after you have removed any solid chunks; rinse and blot dry.
Drinks such as coffee/tea/alcoholic beverages/soda: After blotting up excess moisture, treat the stain with the DIY solution or a prescribed rug cleaner. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any linger soap residue and pat dry.
Fat-based stains: Opt to use a dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner for margarine, gravy, butter, and other fat-based stains.

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