Benefits Of Rug Cleaning & Stain Removal When You Have Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally in Poway CA

Having your carpets cleaned is a great way to have your home looking and feeling nice and clean. Cleaning your carpets can remove the dirt, dust, debris and stains. This not only has the carpets looking good but it can also help with the quality of air in your house. The amount of dust that is on the carpets can make people that suffer from allergies have a hard time breathing. It can also affect people that suffer from asthma. Most of the time when you have your carpets cleaned you roll up your rugs and move around any pieces of furniture that you can. After you have your carpets cleaned you take all your stuff back to the rooms that they belong in and lay it all back out. This is where you are making a big mistake if you want to keep your carpets clean.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has a list of reasons why you want to have your rugs cleaned when you have your carpets cleaned.

Rugs Get Dirty & Need Cleaning Too:
The problem with rolling up your rugs is that you are also rolling up the dirt too. Just like the carpets are collecting dirt, dust and stains; your rugs are too. The rugs are laid over the carpet and cover the area that would have gotten all the dirt. The rug that is rolled up has all the dirt rolled up with it. The dirt can settle into the carpet fibers and the rug fibers as well. If you roll up the rug and set it aside to have the carpets cleaned you are doing yourself a disservice. You have paid for a service and had a professional clean your carpets then taken a filthy dirty rug and laid it on your freshly cleaned carpet. The dirty rug is walked on and all the dirt and debris is moved to the carpet that was just cleaned. That will make the carpet cleaning not last very long and you will be back having them cleaned again.

Have The Rugs Professionally Cleaned:
If you schedule a company to come out and have your carpets cleaned you want to lay out the rugs and have them cleaned at the same time. When you call the company to come out and do an estimate on the cleaning of your carpets let them know that you also have rugs that you need to have cleaned.

If you want to have your carpets and rugs cleaned give Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning in San Diego, Solana Beach, La Mesa, Mission Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Encinitas, Chula Vista California today.

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