How to Remove Excess Water, Remove Musty Odors & Clean Your Carpets After a Flood in Encinitas CA

If you have suffered a flood or water damage of any kind you know that the cleanup effort can be strenuous and can take a lot of time. If the water has leaked onto your carpets you may think that you don’t have any options except to remove the existing carpets and replace them with new carpets. The great news is that you can actually clean and save your carpets after a flood. You can have water damage from anything from a leaky sink or plumbing fixture or a water heater that has gone out. Another reason that you may become a victim of water damage is from a storm that has gotten bad and flooded the street and gotten into the house. Depending on the severity of the flood and the contamination of the water you can clean up the water mess and keep your carpets. If the water is too contaminated it may not be reasonable to keep the carpet and it may need to be removed. If the water damage is caught quickly, the carpet can be saved.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has the steps to take when cleaning your carpets after water damage.

Start Water Damage Restoration Immediately: The problem with water damage is that if it is not cleaned up quickly it can lead to mold and mildew growth. Both of these are bad for your health and can cause breathing problems for asthma sufferers. The longer the water is left to sit on the carpet the more of a possibility that mold and mildew will grow and cause trouble. If you have water damage on your carpets make sure you have the cleanup started right away.
Remove Excess Water From Carpet and Padding: This is the most important step when cleaning up after water damage. You can go to a local home improvement store and look into renting a wet vacuum. A wet vacuum uses high pressure suction to suck up the water that is still in the carpet and padding. The wet vacuum has a bucket that is attached to it and will fill up quickly so it will need to be dumped often. The better option when removing water is to hire a professional to do it for you.
Have Your Carpets Cleaned & Deodorized: The last step in getting your carpets back to normal is to have them cleaned by a professional once the water has been extracted. The cleanup process will most likely have brought in dirt and debris that can get mashed into the fibers and could cause some serious staining and damage. You may want to consider carpet deodorizing to remove any musty smells that could develop.

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