Benefits of Professional Mattress Cleaning & Stain Removal in Del Mar CA

Typically, the average person spends approximately 1/3 of their lives in bed. A lot folks have invested in a high grade mattress to contribute to a good night’s sleep, better comfort, and to relieve common aches and pains brought on by daily activities, or to help prevent the aches and pains on a poor mattress. In any case, a lot of people are under the misconception that cleaning your mattress consists of changing soiled sheets into freshly cleaned sheets is all that has to be done. This is not the case. Considering the bodily fluids, like expelling up to a liter of sweat for instance are being absorbed into the mattress, along with dead skin flaked away and pet dander. Even if the fluffy friend isn’t permitted, its fur and dander can still be circulated onto your mattress. Among other particulates found in the mattress are pollen, dust, dust mites and other fine particles of debris that settle on your mattress.

Getting your mattress cleaned by a professional is highly beneficial, and today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to list them for you.

1. Time. When performing your own mattress cleaning, it can take you far longer than allowing the professional. Being trained and having the best equipment and detergents to make the job simple and efficient, the professional can have you mattress cleaned in far less time than you. Giving the option of putting your time to better use.
2. Simplicity. Not only is unnecessary time being spent cleaning your mattress, but doing it yourself can a hardship. Moving furniture around, along with rotating and flipping the mattress, all can be very strenuous. Leaving it in the hands of the trained specialist is far more optimal on your back.
3. Improved Health. When the professional utilizes their top of the line equipment and high quality detergent, the deep rooted filth is being lifted. Removing the allergy contagions, along with bacteria and germs, fungus, that are subsiding. Improving healthy environments and contributing to better air quality.
4. Odor Removal. There is some odors that can resonate on mattresses. With pets, smokers, your own sweat and other circumstances can lead to mattresses carrying with a pungent smell. A professional has the equipment and solutions to adequately lift heavy odors out of mattresses.
5. Longevity. Along with proper maintenance on your end, and a once a year deep cleaning done by a professional, can help extend the life span of your mattress.
6. Stain Removal. There is potential for stains to land on the surface of your mattress, with a deep cleaning done by a professional, stubborn stains are removed.
7. Expertise. When hiring a professional, you are not only employing their time, but get their training, experience, skill, equipment and detergents all on a professional grade level, that you can’t get on at the department store.

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Our experts at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning offer a wide variety services, including mattress cleaning. Combining our skill, training and experience with our high-tech equipment and superior detergents, mattresses are cleaned, sanitized and deodorized. Call us today to schedule your appointment.

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