Air Duct Cleaning in Mission Valley, CA; How Often Do My Air Ducts Need to Be Professionally Cleaned

Air duct cleaning often gets overlooked due to the “out of sight out of mind” syndrome most people suffer from. Cleaning your air ducts significantly improves your air quality and helps reduce allergens and even dust in the home. You might be surprised to find what may be inside your air duct. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share what can and often is inside air ducts and how cleaning your air ducts can improve your air quality and health.

Pests, Skin, Mold, Dust & More in Air Ducts

Most of the dust in our home is actually dried up human skin. Most of the dead skin gets sucked up into your air duct, where through the circulation process, it will redistribute throughout the home. However dead human skin isn’t the only thing found in air ducts. Often pests, such as cockroaches, spiders, and even rodents will make their way into the outer air duct vents. As these pests crawl around your air duct system, they leave feces, hair, and shed skin that cause allergies and other health problems. Another health concern that occurs is when constant water exposure to the air duct system leads to mold and mildew which will grow. Any one of these problems; molds and mildew, pest residue, dust and dead skin has their affects on our everyday living. Indoor allergies and even respiratory problems occur when people have constant exposure to them.

How Often Do My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned?

Most wonder how often a residential home should have its air ducts cleaned. It will depend on the home’s living conditions such as dirt exposure, kids and pets. These situations will create more dander, dirt and debris in your home’s air duct systems. In turn, this means you will need to have your air ducts cleaned more often. It is recommended to have the average homes air duct cleaned once a year. Cleaning your air duct system doesn’t just help with air quality but also with air flow efficiency. This will help reduce your power bill. By having the air duct and vents cleaned, the air can flow more freely which improves your HVAC unit’s efficiency.

DIY VS Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Of course a homeowner should try to keep the outer air vents clean and free of dirt and any other obstructions as well. However a professional air ducts cleaner will come equipped with all the tools and cleaning utensils to deeply clean your air ducts and the vents. Keep in mind the training an air duct cleaner has when it comes to cleaning the air ducts properly without leaving any health hazards waste behind. That is why a professional air duct cleaner is worth the minor investment to bring your home clean air. This spares the homeowner in either buying or renting the tools and cleaner necessary to properly clean their home’s air duct system.

Air Duct Cleaning & More in San Diego, Solana Beach, La Mesa, Mission Valley, La Jolla, Del Mar, Poway, Encinitas, Chula Vista California

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning offers a wide range of services from carpet, upholstery, hardwood floor and tile cleaning. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning also has experience in air duct cleaning. Our team provides air duct cleaning to our customers when needed. If you noticed your air ducts making a whistling sound or puffs of dirt or dust comes out of your vents when your HVAC unit is running, it is time to have your air ducts cleaned. Contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to schedule your air duct cleaning today.

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