You May Not Need New Wood Flooring! Hiring Contractors for Professional Hardwood Floor Inspection & Refinishing in La Mesa, CA

When it comes time to hire a contractor to refinish your hardwood floors, there are a few things to consider. You will want to make sure you are getting the right company for the job. Hardwood floors are an expensive investment to a home and you don’t want an inexperienced crew working on your expensive flooring. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share what things to consider when you are looking to hire a professional contractor to refinish your hardwood floors.

Research Hardwood Floor Contractor Services

Do some research on the refinishing process. This will help you determine the knowledge of the contractor when you go shopping around for one. A good contractor will know everything you do and more. If your knowledge of refinishing wood floors exceed that of the contractor, it will be a red flag for you. Never rush to hire the first contractor you come across , even if they seem to have the right answers. Investigate at least three contractor companies. Make note of their cost, and the services each provides. Any good company will have reviews and references that they could provide you. Examine their gallery or the portfolios of their work. Check each business for proper licenses and insurance. Make sure they give you a quote in writing verses an estimate, and that there are no unexpected costs tacked on later.

Floor Refinishing Scheduling

A good quality for any business to have is communication. You will want to know what preparation is needed and the time it takes to refinish the hardwood floor. It is relatively common for large jobs to take 3 to 5 days to complete. Depending on the location of the wood floors, you might need to have somewhere to go while they work. However this is where communication is important. For those with multiple rooms with hardwood flooring, you might need to schedule more than one day. Instead of completely evacuating your home, do one room at a time so you can relocate and replace the furniture in each room, one at a time. You never want to be locked out of your home or have all your belongings stuck in the garage as the contractor crew works on your wood floors. That is why you will want a contractor who is willing to spread a large job out to give you more breathing room.

Hardwood Floor Inspections

After you have found a contractor that is willing to work with you and is in good standing business wise, check their work. There are times that some hardwood floors can’t be refinished and needs replacing. A good contractor will enlighten you to the situation instead of covering it up. If you notice some areas of the floor look poorer than others, ask them about it. Some damage from water or even UV will require you to replace sections of the hardwood floors.

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Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning hopes you find the right company for your needs. Make sure to do your home work and pick a good contractor. If you have any questions about our hardwood floor refinishing services, contact us today and see if we can help you.

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