Why is it So Hard to Clean Porous Grout Lines in Bonsall, CA & How to Get Your Tile Grout White Again

A substance known as a grout, which is a cement-based mixture is used to fill the space between ceramic, stone and glass tiles. There are many types of colors and different types of formulas. It can be found in any room in a home or business though tile and grout is commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Along with countertops and around shower/tubs as well as backsplashes, tile and grout is used for the floor in kitchens and bathrooms, as the better surface choice that is constantly around moisture. It is used in many applications since it is a durable and stylish option. To keep the grout cleaned and we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to elaborate why many homeowners and property owners can be faced with a challenge.

Grout is Porous

Soap scum, moisture, dirt, bacteria and other forms of debris builds up because grout is very porous in nature. For mildew and mold to grow, it offers the perfect conditions as it gathers these contaminates. With the cleaning sponge/rag, mopping is the typical method used to wash the tile and grout floors or mopping the countertop and shower tile and grout down. The grout only seems to get dingier over time, despite your efforts. People using the same bucket of water throughout the process is a major contributor to the issue. The dirt and debris dilute the water and the filthier it gets the worse off the latter cleaning of the tile and grout as you are adding more dirt to the grout as you dip the mop or sponge in the prepared water solution. Leaving a buildup of detergents to layer up; and the residue only attracts more soil, tile and grout are rarely rinsed after a washing. Every 2nd or 3rd washing of your floors should be done with nothing more than pure, warm water to prevent the buildup. In addition to clearing any smudges, water treatment will rinse away residues. Because it will only expedite the deterioration of your sealants, never use vinegar concoctions.

How to Clean Dirty Grout Lines

Since it dips lower than tile, grout lines are hard to wash thoroughly during a typical mopping, making little to contact as you scrub. Especially when the buildup is severe, people should approach the grout with a brush to effectively clean it, theoretically. The labor can be hard on people as they scrub the individual lines on their hands and knees as well as time consuming. Use a tile and grout machine cleaner is optimal for the most efficient clean. Change the water often and use a scrubbing brush for the grout lines if you use the traditional mopping method.

Is it Really Necessary to Seal Grout?

In addition to reducing the chance of staining, investing periodically in professional sealant services can better protect your grout from absorbing the soil, moisture, and other manner of debris. Few professionals do it, though a sealant should be applied after installation. Depending on foot traffic, how frequently they are cleaned, and what they are cleaned with, sealants only last up to year, as well. Lack of sealants will hinder your efforts in keeping your grout cleaned as well as to re-contaminating floors with filthy mop water.

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At a minimum, investing in a professional tile and grout cleaning annually including a sealant service can help keep your grout and tile spotless, vibrant, and glistening. Our specialist can not only give your tile and grout a deep professional clean at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning. They can ensure your grout is sealed, call us today to get started!

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