How Do I Know if My Air Ducts Need to Be Cleaned in Jamul, CA? Odors, Dust, Mold, Poor Airflow & More

Believe it or not, the indoor air quality in your home may be worse than the air quality in a major city. This can be especially true during the winter months when it’s cooler outside and you aren’t opening the windows as often. One of the best ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home is to have your air ducts cleaned. If you aren’t sure when your air ducts need to be cleaned, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to share some signs that it’s time.

How Often Should You have Your Ductwork Cleaned?

There are several signs that are usually present when it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned. Here is what you should be looking out for.
– Odors: One of the telltale signs that your ducts need to be cleaned is odor. Unpleasant odors shouldn’t be filling your home when your HVAC system is running. If you aren’t sure the odors in your home are coming from your ducts, you can get close to the vents in your home and give them a good sniff. If there is odor there, it’s time to have them cleaned.
– Mold & Mildew: Sometimes there can be mold and mildew present in your ductwork because it has gotten in your AC system. As your AC system removed humidity from the air, it can create a certain amount of moisture in the system. If it isn’t properly draining, mold and mildew can grow. This can spread into your ductwork and cause problems.
– Dust: Have you noticed that your home needs to be dusted almost as soon as you finish the task of dusting, it may be due to the fact that dust is accumulating in the ductwork in your home.
– Poor Airflow: If you have noticed that the air is having a hard time reaching certain areas of your home and the airflow is weak, it could be due to the fact that there is so much dust, dirt and debris in your ducts.
– Pest Infestation: Sometimes rodents will build their nests in your ducts. This is a great place for them to hide during the day. If they are in your ducts, you can usually hear them scurrying around in there. If you have had an infestation, you will want the ducts to get cleaned out to remove any feces and other debris that was there because of the rodents.
– Home Remodel: Anyone who has undergone a large remodel in their home, knows how dusty it can be. That dust usually makes its way into your ductwork. After completely a major remodel, have your ducts cleaned to help get rid of the dust.

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If you can’t remember the last time you had your ducts cleaned, it’s time to call on the professionals at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to clean your ducts. We will help you improve your indoor air quality. Call us today!

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