What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors Between Professional Floor Cleaning Visits in Bonita, CA

Hardwood floors are a timeless classic that many homeowners use to upgrade their home’s value. They are adored in nearly any room and with most styles of interior design. With their durability and long lasting beauty, they are an ideal option for your flooring. But like with any floor you choose, hardwood floors require maintenance and care to avoid damage and to continue to preserve the condition of floors for their expected lifespan. We at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to list the basic of hardwood maintenance and care for those new to hardwood floor ownership and a reminder for those with experience.

Hardwood Floor Preventive Maintenance

Hardwood floors are susceptible to damage and it is important that with routine maintenance you provide preventative measures.
1) The specific type of hardwood floor and finish requires specific cleaners and treatments. Be sure you are using the appropriate cleaners and treatments.
2) Do not use abrasive cleaning tools especially those that contain metal along with scouring pads and steel wool pads.
3) Avoid spiked footwear that can cause damage such as cleats and high heels for example.
4) Never use anything more than a water-damp microfiber to remove sticky residues or spots and promptly dry.
5) Instantly tend to substance spills, especially if there is any kind of moisture. Following the clean up always be sure the area is completely dry. Allowing moisture to seep through can cause water damage.
6) Keep your pets well maintained to avoid extra soil and debris and their nail trimmed to prevent the wood floor from being scratched.
7) To keep the wood floor from shrinkage maintain your home’s humidity levels between 35% and 55%.

What to Use to Clean Hardwood Floors Between Professional Visits

For longevity, beauty, and the overall condition of your hardwood floors, daily maintenance and diligence is important. If the floors cannot be cleaned daily, be sure to do it as frequently as possible to avoid expediting the wear.
1) Clean the dust and debris from off the surface with your choice of vacuum designed for hard surfaces or the option for the bare floor setting, soft-bristle broom, or quality dust mop. The hardwood floor will quickly build up more debris throughout the day. Debris is a natural abrasive and with the friction produced from traffic cause wear and damage.
2) Avoid direct sunlight. The windows that shine sunlight directly through them should be closed off during the peak hours with blinds, curtains, or drapes. UV films treatments will also help protect your wood floors from being dried out under the sun and fading.
3) The entry points and high-traffic areas should be protected with walk-off mats, area rugs, and runners. Preventing as much soil as possible can better preserve the wood floor from the wear and depletion of the finish. Be sure to include diligent vacuuming top and bottom on the rugs.

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