Guide to Upholstery Fabric Cleaning Codes in San Diego, CA; S, W, S/W, X Symbols & More

Not all upholstery fabrics can be cleaned the same. As you clean the individual furniture pieces, you should always take the time to read the label tag to ensure they are properly cleaned. Warnings are often printed on the label along with a code marking the way to clean it. Generally, you can find the label somewhere in the upholstery, for example, the couch’s label is typically found on the cushion. If the label has been removed, you can often research the manufacturer’s website and find code there. Once you have the code, understanding it is the next step. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to help you decipher the code’s meaning of the upholstery’s cleaning code.

Fabric Upholstery Cleaning Codes

“S”: A cleaning solvent, or dry cleaning solvent, is indicated with the code “S” on your upholstery’s label. Direct contact with liquids, including water, are not conducive. If spots or stains occur, it is recommended you use home dry cleaning products. Most home improvement stores and some department stores carry dry cleaning solvents. Before using these products, always read and follow the directions. Some products, for instance, require you to use a blow dryer to immediately dry the area or a ring could develop. Be sure to regularly vacuum the dirt and debris to avoid compacted filth, allowing for a superior result for professional deep cleaning and stain removal. To preserve the colors and lifespan of your upholstery in addition to vacuuming, tend to any accidental spills immediately.
“W”: In the process of cleaning the upholstery, the code “W” indicates water or approved upholstery cleaners can be utilized. To treat stains, spills, and odors, approved department store premade upholstery/carpet cleaners or your DIY cleaners can be effective. Always do a patch test in inconspicuous areas to ensure the fabric or color will not be compromised. This upholstery is very durable and used where high volume of use and potential spills easily occur.
“S/W”: Dry cleaning solvents and water or other liquid cleaners combinations are used in tandem with upholstery code “S/W”. Because it likely requires both applications, it is recommended that you let professional perform deep cleaning as well as when they stain and/or odors removed from the upholstery. Experts suggest putting these upholstered furnishings in areas where they will not be frequently used and continue to clean with the vacuum and treat spills immediately in between cleanings. Stick with a dry cleaning solvent if you are instant on treating stains yourself.
“X”: Not typically seen on upholstery any more, but the “X” code is commonly found on fabric-made shades and blinds. If you have upholstery that bares the “X” code, do not do any other cleaning besides gentle vacuuming; let the professionals clean it as needed.

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Upholstery should be professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year to ensure it is kept in optimal shape and in addition to your diligent maintenance; your upholstery can last and stay vibrant and fresh. Call the professionals of Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to schedule your upholstery deep cleaning appointment.

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