What Takes Blood Out of Carpet in Rancho San Diego, CA? Cleaning Carpets with Dish Soap Mix?

The time has come that most people have been waiting for. The weather is changing and the warm weather is going to start to settle in. The change in the weather that comes brings people out of their house and the wildlife becomes more and more active. It is also the time that you can see more growth in terms of trees, flowers and plants. The weather change also means that kids are out and playing harder then they did when it was cold. The more kids seem to be outdoors, the more injuries tend to occur as well. This means that you need to be ready to clean your carpets from all sorts of stains with blood being one of them. Blood is something that can cause some stains on your carpets and your rugs that might be quite hard to remove if you do not have the right method. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning offers helpful tips for how to clean blood off your carpets and rugs.

Fastest Way to Remove Blood Stains on Carpet

There are some types of stains that need to be left to dry out before you should attempt to clean them such as mud. Other types of stains should be attacked as soon as possible and that is the same with a blood stain. One thing that you want to do is to make sure that the person that was or is bleeding is taken care of and any medical attention has been given. Then you want to make sure that you move to cleaning the stain quickly to get the most out of the cleaning method. The sooner you get to the stain the better your chances are that you can remove the whole thing.

Do I Use Hot or Cold Water on Blood Carpet Stains

One of the main mistakes that people make when they clean stains off the carpet is to use warm or hot water. When it comes to blood stains there are reasons you do not want to use warm water. It is best to use cold water to clean stains on the carpet that comes from blood. The reason is that the warm water tends to set the stain into the carpet. This will then cause the stain to potentially become permanent. You want to always use cold water when you make your mixture.

Does Dish Soap Remove Blood Stains?

The method that tends to work best is to use a spray bottle to mix your cleaning supply. Start with cold water and add in some liquid soap that you can use to soften the blood stain. You want to spritz over the area then use a clean cloth. The water and soap will allow the stain to come up so that it can be removed. You want to repeat the process over again if you need to or if there are more than one area.

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Some stains are best left to the professionals. You want to make sure that if you have stains that you are concerned about you call a professional that can come out and pre-treat the stains and clean it as well as the rest of your carpets and rugs. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come to your home to clean your carpets and rugs. Call us today!

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