What is the Most Effective Way to Clean Grout Lines in Carlsbad, CA? Professional VS DIY Tile Cleaning

When solving problems around the house, it is more popular than ever to take a DIY approach these days. Though it may seem like something as simple as grout cleaning is an easy enough task to take on yourself, it can be more complex than you may think. Your grout and tile need to be cleaned on a routine basis, but due to the porous nature of grout, over time, you will eventually need professional cleaning. Today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some insight as to why DIY methods are seemingly ineffective with your tile and grout.

Cleaning Narrow VS Wide Grout Lines

Grout is more than just grout. Every home differs and also, every room in that home. For example, porch tiles could feature a half inch of grout to clean, while there may be as narrow as a quarter centimeter to work with if you are looking to clean grout in your bathroom. Different methods of grout cleaning work for different amounts of surface area and circumstances. To deal with any kind of grout cleaning, professionals have the experience and the tools to get it done.

Deep Clean Bathroom VS Other Grout

A major factor of how it should be cleaned is the environment that the grout in is as well. With any kind of grout cleaning, professionals have the experience and the tools to deal. Typically, exposed to much more moisture is the grout in the bathroom and it needs to be handled differently than grout exposed to less moisture. You could cause some damage that typically makes for a costly repair if you treat all grout the same when cleaning it.

Grout Cleaning Tools

Grout is not something you can clean with basic household items or products, unlike tile. With the occasional professional job every year or so, tiles are simple and for the most part, can be cleaned with household products on a routine basis. Chemicals from your cleaning products to get trapped in the grout since it tends to be more absorbent. You may have increased wear and tear when they do get trapped. You need the right tools and products specifically designed for grout cleaning alone to clean it properly.

DIY Grout Cleaning is Time Consuming

You can see the result of your work and use whatever you made immediately with many different DIY projects around the home. However, DIY grout cleaning is completely different. You are required to patiently scrub out the dirt and grime that has built up over the years, all on your hands and knees. You may damage the grout if you scrub it too hard or too fast. It can take hours just to even do one corner of a room as a result. With so much energy being put into this, most are still disappointed with the results.

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Ultimately, when it comes to deep cleaning the grout, you want the power of professionals to treat it. Call Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning and let us deep clean your grout.

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