What is the Best Thing to Use to Deep Clean a Mattress at Home in La Jolla, CA? Vacuum, Treat Stains, Deodorize & More

How often do you clean you mattresses? Each person will vary on how they answer this question. Some people are very dedicated and clean their mattresses every 3 to 6 months, while other people will answer with “your supposed to clean your mattress?” Mattresses last longer when they are maintained. Not only will your mattresses last longer, but people tend to sleep better on clean mattresses. In a short period of time, a mattress can become full of dead skin, hair, dirt and dust mites. Often it is recommended to have the mattresses cleaned by a professional service once a year. During the rest of the year, about every three months, the mattresses should receive a basic cleaning. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share some of the basics on maintaining and cleaning your home’s mattresses.

Wash Sheets & Bedding Once a Week

To help keep the mattress clean, it is recommended that the bedding such as the pillow cases, sheets and blankets you use are washed once a week. You can get rid of and prevent much of the dirt, dead skin and hair from becoming trapped in the actual mattress in so doing. When you need to clean the mattress, it seems like a good start to get the bedding in the washing machine.

Vacuum Mattress

Next you will want to look the mattress over for any stains that may need a pretreatment. Before you begin cleaning stains, your first step is to thoroughly vacuum all four sides of the mattress. Make sure that you take your time. Vacuuming the mattress is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a clean mattress.

Treat Mattress Stains

Once you have finished vacuuming the mattress, you will want to tend to any stains. You can use a commercial mattress cleaning product or use a simple mixture of liquid dish soap in warm water. You only need to add a few drop of soap, so don’t go crazy and add too much. Using a cloth or sponge blot at the stains on the mattress. Depending on the nature of the stain, you may need to use other methods to clean the stain. For example, blood will come out of a mattress by using a small amount of hydrogen peroxide. In the case of vomit, urine or feces, you will need to kill the bacteria. In that case you will want to use a mixture of liquid dish soap, vinegar and warm water. The vinegar will help kill any bacteria that is inside the mattress. After cleaning the stains you will want to allow the area to dry.

Deodorize Mattress

To remove any odors in the mattress, sprinkle the mattress with baking soda and leave it on the mattress for a few hours. You can finish you basic mattress cleaning by removing the baking soda with a vacuum cleaner.

Rotate Mattress

To help extend the life of your mattresses, it is recommended that after the mattresses have been cleaned, you flip them over and rotate them. As we sleep on the mattress, they tend to wear down the spring inside the mattress. You can spread out the wear by flipping and rotating the mattress.

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