What is the Best Carpets for Pets that Pee & High Traffic Areas of Carpet in Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Just like humans, your pets would probably prefer to have carpet as the flooring in your home due to the high level of comfort underfoot it provides. While we don’t actually choose our flooring based on the comfort it will provide our pets, we do have to take them into consideration a little bit. When it comes to carpet replacement, it’s an investment that you don’t want to make again anytime soon. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about the best types of carpet that you can have in your home if you have a pet.

Buy Carpet Protection

There is no way around it, accidents happen when you have pets. They will have potty accidents and probably a little throw up every once in a while, as well. You want to make sure you are protected against these disasters. A lot of that protection is going to lie in the carpet fiber. Historically speaking, polyester carpet is the best at repelling stains. However, nylon has come a long way and is showing promise in this category. If it comes down to it, and you’re worried about it, always pick polyester.

Most Pet Friendly Carpet or Cheapest?

When picking out the right carpet for your pets, there are a couple approaches you can take. You can put some serious research into finding the best, highest quality carpet you can find that will surely be able to ward off the messes that your pet will throw its way; or you can choose to buy less expensive carpet that you will plan to simply replace after 5-7 years and it has taken a beating by your animals. Many people decide not to fight it and opt for carpet replacement more often. However, you may want to have a quality carpet underfoot and choose to get a truly nice carpet that will provide you years of beautiful flooring.

Cut Pile Carpet is Best for Dog Nails & Cat Claws

There are many Berber carpets that are popular and can be a beautiful choice for any home. However, when you have pets, it isn’t going to do you any favors to choose a loop pile. You will find snags all over it in no time as your dog’s nails get caught on the loops. Many people also find that their younger puppies like to use their carpet as a chew toy when they have loop pile. You will be far happier having chosen cut pile carpet for your home.

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Regardless of the direction you plan to take with your new carpet, you will need to make sure you are vigilant in maintaining it when you have pets. You can rely on Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to get rid of any messes your pets may leave behind as well as remove any dander that may be building up in your carpet because of your pet. We will help you extend the life of your carpet with our professional carpet cleaning services. Call us today!

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