Professionals Share Sofa Cleaning Tips in Chula Vista, CA; Vacuum, Use Upholstery Tools & More

Upholstery has the same needs as carpets, bedding, and rugs; meaning they need to be cleaned. Cleaning upholstery has its challenges, especially for those who have never cleaned their couches and sofas before. There is recommended cleaning and then there is deep professional cleaning. To complete basic maintenance cleaning, Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning will share a few upholstery cleaning tips.

Professional Sofa Cleaning Tips

Vacuum: Make sure to vacuum upholstery weekly or at least every other week to ensure that no dirt or dust accumulates. Especially before you do any steam cleaning you will want to vacuum the furniture thoroughly. You will want to remove cushions and vacuum underneath them as well as the sides, back and bottom of the furniture. You want to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.
Upholstery Tools: Professional upholstery cleaners come equipped with all of the tools to properly clean upholstery. Most commercial grade vacuum cleaners lack the best attachments to reach those tight spaces. If you plan to do your own DIY upholstery cleaning, we recommend you get a few vacuum attachments such as narrow brushes, a triangular tool, and circular brushes to get the most out of your upholstery cleaning.
Clean Upholstery Surfaces: Make sure to use the proper cleaning solvents for the type of fabric used for your upholstery. There are many materials used for upholstery. Each fabric type requires its own cleaning solvents. Make sure you know your upholstery type and what cleaner should be used. Read the upholstery tags for this information. With the proper cleaning solvent in hand make sure to use the manufactures instructions. Often people don’t allow the cleaner to sit on the surface long enough or they forget to rinse it afterwards. Additionally, if the cleaning solvent requires a mixture with water as many do, make sure to use distilled water. Tap water is filled with minerals and can leave white ring colored stains.
Remove Moisture: Make sure to extract the moisture out of the upholstery. If you’re using a steam cleaner or using a chem dry foam cleaning approach, you still want to extract the moisture out. If you leave too much moisture after cleaning, mold and mildew will build up inside the upholstery. This will be an ongoing source for indoor allergies. Take your time extracting the moisture out of the upholstery, and avoid over soaking to make sure it’s not leaving the upholstery wet. After extracting the moisture out, place fans in front of the furniture to help quicken the drying processes.
Benefits of Cleaning Upholstery: Keeping your upholstery clean doesn’t just help keep your furniture and home looking clean and fresh. It also prevents bad odors and it fights allergens as well. Upholstery can host many forms of allergens that can affect your entire home. Upholstery has been known to harbor hair, dander, dead skin, dust mites, dirt, pollen and even mold. All have a negative effect on your home. They produce contaminates into the air that causes allergens. To help make your home cleaner and fight allergies, make sure to keep your upholstery clean.

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