Pet Odor Neutralizer; How to Clean & Eliminate Old Dog & Cat Urine Odor from Carpet in San Diego, CA

Our pets always seem to have their little accidents right on the carpet. Regardless of how hard we try, it seems that urine smells stay and make our homes just stink. Even though the stain might be gone, the scent of the crime still lingers. Why is this and what can be done to help remove the odor along with the stain? Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning has a few answers to that very problem. We will share why the scent of the urine remains after the accident has been cleaned and how you can remove the odor.

Why Do Urine Smells Linger on Carpet?

Many have asked why, even after you had cleaned up the pet stain, does it still smell like pet pee? Is their another spot that could have been missed? Well of course that is always a possibility however it could be other reasons as to why the odor remains after carpets been cleaned. One reason is due to the bacteria left behind from the urine. On top of that when a pet urinates on the carpet the urine also soaks into the padding which doesn’t get cleaned or removed. The bacteria within the urine will periodically release gases developed by the bacteria. Samething occurs in pet vomit as well.

Pet Odor Neutralizer; How to Eliminate Dog & Cat Urine Odor

When it comes to removing the odor of urine from out of your carpet it may seem like a difficult if not impossible task. However, with the proper techniques your home can be free of that nasty odor left behind by your pets. Follow the next four steps to eliminate the odor produced by urine.
Step 1. Start by creating a solution of white wine vinegar and water, half and half of each. The vinegar with help break down the ammonia in the urine, which will help reduce the smell. Vinegar is also great in this case because vinegar won’t discolor the carpet.
Step 2. Slowly pour the vinegar water solution over the soiled area made by your dear household pet. Don’t be scared to over soak the area. You want the vinegar to soak deep into the carpet fibers.
Step 3. After you have poured the solution on the affected area, allow the vinegar to soak for 10 to 20 minutes. Then use paper towels or a cloth and gently press down on the solution to begin absorbing it up. Continue to use the paper towel or cloths until the carpet begins to dry.
Step 4. Just before the carpet is completely dry, sprinkle baking soda over the top of it and again allow the baking soda to remain. This time leave it on for 30 minutes to an hour to absorb the rest of the odor. Afterward, thoroughly vacuum up the baking soda and enjoy an odor free home.

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Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning understands the battle many face when owning pets. To maintain a fresh smelling home, especially when pets are present, regularly clean your carpets and seek the aid of a professional carpet cleaner to help give your carpets a deeper and more thorough cleaning. If it is time to have your carpets cleaned, contact Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning today.

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