How to Clean & Remove Old Water Soluble, Oil, Wax & Other Stains from Carpet in Chula Vista, CA

The carpet in your home is a huge part of the look of your house. The carpeting comes in many styles and colors and they each can suffer from staining. The stains on a carpet can be an ugly sight and can make your home look messy. The spills need to be treated and removed as soon as possible so having a game plan on what the stain is and how to remove it is a great way to start. Carpets need to be taken care of and cleaned professionally to ensure that they last. When you are ready to clean any kind of spill or stain you need to pretreat and test the carpet. You never want to use a cleaning solution that can cause damage to your carpet and testing is a way to tell if you are using the right cleaner. Be sure that you test an area that is discreet such as a closet.

Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning Lists Different Types Of Stains & How To Treat Them

Removing Water Soluble Carpet Stains: If you are dealing with a water soluble stain on your carpet you are working with a spill that should be the easiest to clean. A water soluble stain is something such as milk, soda, ice cream, and mud. They are a stain that needs to be addressed while they are still wet and fresh to ensure it is taken care of all the way. You want to be sure that when you are working with a water soluble stain you remove all the large pieces and solid bits. The next step is to soak just the area with water and blot away all that you can with a clean cloth. Then use a cleaning solution of water and dish soap to continue to treat the area.
Cleaning Oily, Fatty & Wax Stains: These are the stains that you need to be ready to treat. They are a real pain to get out of carpets for a few reasons. Fat and oil will stick to each other and attach to the petroleum in the carpet fibers. If you have carpets that are not treated from the manufacturer you will have a harder problem removing the stain. Any foods or products that have oil or fat in them such as lipstick, cooking oil and salad dressing can be treated with the same water and dish soap solution. The wax spill is a different situation when cleaning. The wax after it was spilled will start to harden on the carpet fibers which makes it harder to clean. The beat way to clean that is to use a hot iron and a brown paper sack. You want to be careful treating wax, oil or fat so that you don’t spread the stain even further than it was originally spilled.

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These are two main types of spills and stains that you need to be aware of and how to treat them. There are many other stains that you may need to deal with and calling a professional carpet cleaner to treat them with the correct cleaner and equipment. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can meet all your floor and upholstered furniture cleaning needs.

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