Mold in Carpet from Wet Carpets, Leaks, Floods & Other Water Damage & More in Bostonia, CA

The carpet in your house is a great way to add beauty as well as comfort. Carpeting is chosen for homes that want to have a nice padding as well as texture. It is great in many spaces that include bedrooms and the family room where you spend time together. You want to make sure you have a plan on caring for your carpet since they can be stained. When you spill on your shirt you can remove it and toss it through the washing machine. When there is a spill on the carpet you have to clean it where it is and that is why it is important to know what it takes. Part of protecting your carpets is to make sure that they are cleaned professionally to avoid potential damage. You want to make sure whatever you do to the carpets you are not creating damage or atmosphere for mold to grow. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning lists common causes of mold growth on carpet.

DIY Carpet Cleaning Leaves Carpets Too Wet

There are lots of people that think they can go to the store and buy their own machine to clean their carpets. They also think they can rent a machine and have that used on their carpets. The problem is that these machines are being used by a novice or homeowner that does not have the expertise. You also are using machinery that is not commercial grade. When you use them you are creating moisture on the carpets that is supposed to be warm and should loosen the dirt. Then it goes back over the area to pull up the dirt and the moisture. Most people oversoak the area of the carpet and leave it wet and moist for too long. This is the perfect circumstance for mold to start to grow. You want to make sure that you are using a professional to clean you carpets.

Water Damage Due to Leaking Plumbing

Another area you are going to have a potential build up of moisture is when an appliance has a leak. It can also be from a plumbing pipe or fixture that has a leak. The water can get out and on the carpeted areas. If you do not have these areas remediated properly and by a professional you could end up with mold growing in and under your carpet. When there is mold growing it can be damaging to your health and should not be taken lightly.

What Does Mold Smell Like?

The most common way to know that there is mold that is in the house or on the carpet is the odor that comes with it. The odor is often a musty smell that can be lingering around the house and is very off putting. You want to make sure that if you have this type of smell and there has been moisture damage to the carpet you have it inspected as well as cleaned.

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Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can come out to clean your carpets to avoid any moisture or water damage. And if you do have wet carpets for any reason, call us for carpet water damage restoration right away. Call us today!

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