Commercial Steam Carpet Cleaning Maintenance in Descanso, CA; Removing Dirt You Can’t See & More

Here at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning we offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning. It is interesting to us how homeowners can see the importance of having their carpets cleaned on a regular, routine basis but the same cannot be said for business owners and managers. Many business owners have a hard time giving the same amount to the carpets in their office that they do to the carpets at their home. Today we want to talk about some of the myths that business owners believe that sometimes prevent them from having their carpets cleaned.

Janitors Don’t Typically Deep Steam Clean Carpets

One of the most frequent myths that we hear is that they have a janitorial company who is taking care of cleaning their office. You may indeed have an amazing janitorial service that keeps your office looking nice and clean. Most of the time they do not actually have any formal training on how to take care of commercial carpeting. They also do not typically offer carpet cleaning services beyond vacuuming and spot stain removal services. So if you think your carpets are being adequately cleaned by your cleaning company you may want to ask a few more questions about it. If they are not offering routine steam carpet cleaning give us a call.

Removing Dirt on Carpet You Can’t See

Other business owners mistakenly believe that the only reason to clean the carpets in your business is to remove dirt. They believe that if they cannot see stains or dirt yet that it is not necessary to have your carpets cleaned. This is simply not true! There is definitely more than dirt in your carpets. All sorts of pathogens, toxins, bio pollutants, and volatile organic compounds are also hiding in your carpet. You cannot see them so it is easy to not think about them. This is especially important if you work in the medical field. During your day you may not be aware of what has found its way into your carpet as you perform your duties.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Maintenance

Another common misconception that business owners have is that they only need to clean their carpet when it is absolutely necessary. They will wait until their carpet is visibly in need of cleaning before calling Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment. You do not want to do this! By the time that your carpet looks dingy damage has already been done to the fibers in your carpet. If the fibers in your carpet are compromised it will not last as long. Having to replaced your carpet prematurely is not something that any businessowner wants to do.

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The last myth that business owners believe is that they cannot afford to close their office to have their carpets cleaned. They believe that the business lost when the office has to close just simply is not worth it. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning can work with you to find a time where your office will only have to be closed for as little as possible. In reality you may be losing customers and business by not having your carpets cleaned. If your carpets feel like your carpet is dingy and dirty you may be losing their business anyways. Give Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning a call today to find the best time for us to come out and help you clean your commercial carpets.

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