How to Remove Pine Tree Sap from Hardwood Floors in Spring Valley, CA; Oil Soap, Ice Cubes & More

Live Christmas trees are a tradition many families still have. They provide the recognizable smell and enrich the holiday spirit. With the live Christmas tree, there are extra responsibilities, such as cleaning up fallen pine needles, keeping it hydrated and managing the tree sap. Unfortunately, the tree sap can be challenging to remove off any surface. However, today, we at Steam Magic Carpet Cleaningwould like to offer a couple of methods for removing the tree sap from your hardwood floors.

Clean Pine Tree Sap off Floor Right Away

Tips: To prevent it from becoming a bigger, uncontrollable mess, treat the sap as soon as you notice it, though you may not until you remove the tree. If stepped upon, the sticky sap can be tracked all over the surface and the sap attracts dirt, making it obvious. You can easily scratch your floor if you use sharp objects, so do not use a sharp tool such as a craft knife to cut the sap away. From surfaces such as clothing, skin and vehicle, tree sap is challenging to remove. From a Christmas tree, flooring is particular prone to tree sap that is tracked in on shoes or left behind indoors. On hardwood flooring, an oil soap safe for wood floors loosens sap’s grip.

Ice Cube Method Tree Sap Remover

In a zippered sandwich bag, place ice cubes inside and seal the bag. In order to make the sap harder, set the ice bag over the sap for several minutes. Once hard, remove the ice bag. With a plastic knife, pick at the hardened sap with your fingernail or scrape it from the side. Remove as much of the sap as possible. This method can also be used on other surfaces including clothing, skin and vehicles as well as other flooring surfaces if necessary. Flooring surfaces include carpet, tile, and vinyl as well upholstered furniture.

Oil Soap for Hardwood Floors

Onto the tree sap on the floor, pour a small amount of oil soap. Cover the sap with just enough soap. For at least 15 minutes, be sure to allow the soap to soak through the sap. With a nylon-bristled brush, scrub the sap stain or stains. Using a damp sponge, wipe the area clean. Take paper towels or a clean, soft cloth to dry the surface well. In the event you do not have oil soap available, you can use vegetable shortening or rubbing alcohol in place of oil soap.

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Where there are other methods used for removing the sap from your hardwood floors, they can potentially damage your wood floors and if you opt to use those other methods, it is critical you use caution and care to prevent the damage. If you find the hardwood floors are in need of professional cleaning from the holiday hustle and bustle, call in the professionals of Steam Magic Carpet Cleaningand let our qualified experts restore the hardwood floors. Our professionals use advanced equipment and premium products to ensure your hardwood floors are cleaned well.

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