How to Remove Old Foundation, Powder & Eyeliner Makeup Stains from Your Carpet in Jamul, CA

If you have girls and women in your house you know that they use things that can make a mess. They want to do their hair and makeup and look nice. These things are great but they can also make a mess in your house and even on the carpet. When it comes to make up they want to try out new techniques and methods on ways to apply makeup. There are tutorials online that are great to follow and use so that they can get better at doing their own makeup. When they do this you might end up getting staining on the carpet that you want to be able to clean off properly. Steam Magic Carpet Cleaning lists ways to get makeup out of your carpet.

How to Get Foundation Out of Grey or Other Color Carpet

One of the first steps when applying make up is to get out your foundation. The foundation should match your skin and when it is applied to the skin it will create a nice start for the rest of the makeup. The foundation is often a liquid and when you drip it on the carpet it can cause a stain to occur. If you are trying to remove foundation you want to use a spoon to get as much of the liquid up as you can. This will help to prevent the spreading of the stain. You also want to make sure that you are ready to clean it with cold water that is mixed with dishwasher liquid. The mixture can be used on a clean cloth that you use to dab at the stain until it has been removed.

Powder Makeup Removal from Carpet

After you apply the liquid foundation to your face you want to use powder to set it. You also use powder many times when applying eye shadow as well. You want to make sure that you are careful when using powder especially if it is loose. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you start with the vacuum. This is a great way to get most of the mess up without leaving any staining behind. If there is still discoloration left you can go over the area with a clean cloth and the same cleaning solution mentioned above.

How to Get Liquid & Eye Pencil Eyeliner Out of Carpet

There are two main types of eyeliner that most women choose to use. One of them is in the form of a pencil and usually is not troublesome when dropped. The other one that is more popular is a liquid eyeliner. This is a substance that is liquid and then you use a small brush to apply the line on the eyelid. IF you happen to drop the eyeliner liquid on the carpet it can leave a stain that you want to clean. You need to use warm water that you mix with vinegar to remove it from your carpet. You can dip the clean cloth then dab at the area until the mess has been cleaned up.

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